My Absolute All Time Favorite FREE Software

My favorite FREE software has been the same for 10 years running. I’m talking about the FREE OVERDRIVE SCAN from PC Pitstop. I’ve been using this for the entire time that I’ve had computers and still use it to this day. When it comes to diagnostics, it is absolutely the best.

My very first computer was tested and tweaked with what was called The Free Pit Test. In 2000 we would compete to see who could get the best scores. We eventually graduated to other benchmarks from the likes of PassMark and FutureMark, but for a long time THE PIT TEST was DaBomb.

The Pit Test is what started PC Pitstop. Because of the PitTest we developed a Forum with an Over Clocking section, and eventually our retail products. IN THE BEGININING I was just a user and not an employee of PC Pitstop. We all tested and tweaked and shared what we learned in the Custom PCs and Over Clocking Forum. As the PitTest followers grew, so did the Pit Test.

Ten years later and the improvements are huge. Today we test the fastest hardware available. Raid setups, SSD drives, 3D video and the fastest Internet are all covered. I’m happy to say I was involved in the development of our current 3D tests which are now a part of OverDrive tests and also included in PC Matic.

Open Internet Explorer, and click the OverDrive tab on our home page. Enter your email address and make up a password to create your own OverDrive account. Run the scan and you’ll be amazed at the amount of information you receive. It’s all FREE and so are the suggestions of how to speed up your computer.

Find out how your system compares to all the millions of systems that have been tested over the last 10 years. Want more good news, it takes less than 3 minutes to complete the test. It’s all there.

Possible Findings

1) Too many Programs running on StartUp

2) Too many ToolBars Installed

3) Unknown malware installed without your knowledge

4) Hard Drives too full

5) CPU overburdened from virus activity>

6) Too little memory

7) Poor video performance

8) Out dated drivers

9) Security problems

10) Slow Internet

Once you’ve finished, click the FIXES tab and you will find each suggestion listed. Click the suggestion and you will see detailed information on what to do. You can also post in the CaseMods and OverClocking section of the Fourm. If you want to get a little more out of your system, all the tools you need are right here.

I’ve cleaned up hundreds of computers using the FREE OVERDRIVE SCAN and I know for sure I’ve run thousands of scans personally.

Copy paste the link on the results page to show others how you’ve done. The tests are saved for your future reference.

Give it a whirl, your only risk is the addiction to a clean fast PC.


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8 thoughts on “My Absolute All Time Favorite FREE Software

  1. I totally agree, I've been using OverDrive for a decade too and it is my first choice, when even I need to get an overview of an unknown computer, make a final check of a new PC after I've removed the crap- and bloat-ware or if any PC misbehave in any form. It gives a fast overview about the hardware and software and compares performance to PCs with similar configurations, ensuring you get the optimal power out of the PC. Keep up the good work and thank you for a great tool.

  2. Hey guys, the program I’m writing about is OverDrive. It is absolutely FREE. If you are asking about a paid program that is $49.99, then you are clicking on PC Matic. PC Matic is also a great program and has functions of OverDrive included, but OverDrive is a program on it’s own and is located immediately below the banner for PC Matic. You can click the link in the very first paragraph and it will take you to the OverDrive registration area.

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