Windows Talk: 6 Tips to Speed Up Your Home Wireless Network

speed up your home wireless

6 Tips to Speed Up Your Home Wireless Network

By Windows Talk

Having a Wi-Fi connection is no longer for business establishments and coffee shops. A lot of households these days find it necessary not just to have an internet facility that can be achieved through wired connections but also a WiFi technology that will allow several family members to connect to the internet with their wireless devices, simultaneously.

However, a lot of households commit the blunder of utilizing their WiFi connection while not at its best capacity. Due to some circumstances, the WiFi may not be bringing the best connection speed that the internet connection can supposedly deliver.

Here are some tips to follow for households to ensure that the WiFi connection is operating at its best:

1. Change the position or location of the router – The router enables wireless internet connection by sending out signals through the atmosphere. For this reason, its position has a great factor in providing connection to devices located in different areas in the house. The ideal position is in an elevated and central area. It is also important to take away obstructions that may get in the way of the signals.

2. Get a wireless repeater – For larger homes, this device will extend the range of the WiFi so it can reach farther areas within the house. The wireless repeater is simply used by placing it halfway from the router to far areas where there are people who will be expected to use an internet connection. This will also boost the signal strength of the WiFi internet connection.

3. Change channels on the cordless phone – If you have a cordless phone and it broadcasts on the same channel as your router, it may cause some intervention with the WiFi’s signal. Try to change the channels on the cordless phone and see if it will make a difference in the WiFi connection’s internet speed.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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