Enterprise CIO Forum: Should Cloud Storage Scare Your IT Guy

Should Cloud Storage Scare Your IT Guy

By John Dodge for Enterprise CIO Forum

CIOs, gigabytes of free cloud space is what you are up against.

I could not help think as I read the Boston Globe’s tech guru Hiawatha Bray’s article about cloud services for consumers. No, these are not highly-secured private clouds that many enterprises want, but they are the clouds the end users turn to when IT lets them down. They are becoming household names: DropBox, Box, Cubby, Skydrive from Microsoft and a rumored product called Drive with 5 gigbytes of free cloud from Google. And 10 free GB is not unusual.

Let me give it to you straight from DropBox’s media page: “Over 45 Million Users Saving One Billion Files Every Three Days.”

Talk about consumerization of IT! That should scare the pants off any data center admin and CIO. And those charged with security.

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Excerpt appears with permission from John Dodge.

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One thought on “Enterprise CIO Forum: Should Cloud Storage Scare Your IT Guy

  1. Cloud storage should scare everybody. If our dictator-in-chief decides to shut down the internet, all your data will be beyond reach.

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