Troubleshooting DirectX Errors

troubleshooting directx errors

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Troubleshooting DirectX Errors

Avid gamers, who love playing games on their PC, sound composers regularly employing enhanced multimedia functionalities through software to create magnificent sound effects, or 3D animation designers producing unbelievable animation movies, would often require hi-performance DirectX functionalities enabled in their PCs to get best results. Therefore coming across a DirectX error is very annoying.

What is DirectX?

DirectX is a combination of Microsoft’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that provides enhanced capabilities while running multimedia based applications like computer games, or sound processing applications. In simple term, DirectX boosts up the power of your PC’s multimedia functionalities like video, animation and sound processing by optimum utilization of your PC’s hardware resources, in order to provide you with better gaming or multimedia experience.

DirectX is actually a 7-in-one combo that includes – Direct Draw (for 2D gaming), Direct3D (for 3D graphics), DirectSound (for 2D sound), DirectSound3D (for 3D sound), Direct Music (for Music), DirectPlay (for networked based multiplayer gaming), and DirectInput (for input device support like joystick). Depending on the type of DirectX application you launch – the corresponding module will come into effect in your PC, creating the platform for the application to run with full force.

How to go About Fixing DirectX Errors?

DirectX component normally comes preloaded with Windows however, depending on the new games or multimedia applications that you are going to install, a latest or a compatible version of DirectX you might need to make the game work for you in the right manner. Therefore, before installing an application that requires DirectX, make sure you know which version of DirectX is needed and adapt your PC accordingly.

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