PCTechBytes: Microsoft Phone Scams Continue

microsoft phone scam continues

By David Purcell, for PCTechBytes.com

Microsoft Phone Scams Continue

You’ve probably gotten the call stating your computer is at risk and your antivirus has expired. I can deduce this because I have gotten the call several times in the past few months. The caller claims to be from Microsoft and, aside from the foreign accent, will be relatively convincing. They do, afterall, know your name and number and that you’re running Windows on your computer.

This is a scam and their goal is to ultimately get remote access to your machine and install viruses and rootkits in addition to conning you into buying their phony warranty plan.

Here is a YouTube video example of one of these scams. The victim immediately knew this was a scam and did a great job stringing the guy along for several minutes. The caller attempts to gain access to her computer via a logmein remote desktop connection. Toward the end of the call she gives the man a piece of her mind.

How do you know if the caller is really from Microsoft, then?

That’s easy, they’re not. Microsoft would never call you. The caller might claim to be from Windows Helpdesk, Microsoft Support or even the Windows Technical Department Support Group, but they are not. If you didn’t hang up within the first minute, you likely believed their ploy and have allowed them to access your computer.

So now what?

What To Do If You’ve Fallen Victim To A Microsoft Phone Scam–Read More Here

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18 thoughts on “PCTechBytes: Microsoft Phone Scams Continue”

  1. I am retired and like to play with these Yahoos(not the search Yahoo). Any way, sometimes I will talk real soft, other times with a stutter. Some times I will ask them which computer I have 6? When he says “windows” I’ll ask “which OS Vista, 7,8 10. Or I ask what brand of computer they all have the same windows OS. I have told him to hold on the I am cooking and need to turn the chicken and then just wait for the dial tone. The best one was I had a friend whisper(but where they could hear) “Keep them on the line just a bit more and we will have them”. CLICK…….Dial tone.

  2. Getting the “I’m from Windows Technical Support (or whatever)” scammer phone calls? Want to ditch them for good? Buy yourself one of those little hand held 130db “panic” screamers with a pull out activation switch on a short chain that you can attach to something valuable you might be carrying around. Keep it like I do by the phone. When they call whisper to them so they have to hold their phone really close to their ear. When you reckon you have their undivided attention and they’re listening in real close let rip with that little screamer right by your phone’s microphone. You won’t be bothered again.

  3. When I got this call from the “Windows Support Team” I proceeded to tell them that I was in fact looking for new windows and would love for them to come out and measure my windows, I have 6 windows downstairs front, 2 downstairs side, 3 downstairs rear. I never got upstairs before he stopped me and said he did not sell windows, so I ask him about exterior doors—he hung up.

  4. I get several calls a week “We installed a program on your computer last year and now it’s showing a red flag”. Sometimes I tell them their stupid if they think I am going to fall for it. I block the number and next day same call from a new number. I told them every time they call me, I am going to call them back and waste their time. They usually hang up but the next day I get the same thing on a new number. It’s a never ending battle. My blocked number list is getting full.

  5. I googled the numbers involved and read it was a scam (Tim Buchalski) is the name that appeared on my caller ID and the number was (303) 442-9287. However, I asked for a call back number and the rep gave me a different number which was (201) 285-2011. I told her I would call her back after I found out if she was legit or not…(not really, I just wanted more info on them). Then I called the state police (Michigan) and they transferred me to my local station to report it and I was informed: “no offense, but that it would be a waste of our time to investigate.” (Sigh). This is why people can get away with this type of stuff because no one takes it seriously until it happens to them or something bad happens, then someone wants to be a hero. I tried. I will just block the numbers and spread the word about the scam.

  6. If you have been called ask for there I.D. badge number. pretend to use another telephone line and ask him to repeat the I.D. number. “pause” I am sorry that employ was fired last week. what is your badge number. Gert the idea. or I am a Microsoft employ. I will ask my supervisor.

  7. Why not use the air horn if we get a call like that… another idea is that if you can speak few different language, that’ll throw them off.

  8. The number listed in the video, here is the numbers info

    (303) 442-9287 is a Landline
    Colorado (Boulder, Denver, Longmont)
    Boulder metro area, Boulder County

    I would definitely let authorities know what’s going on over there

  9. I have received the same call and told them I work for Microsoft and I know all about their scam. They hung up. Not that a friend of mine did fall for their scam, got his credit card number (another thing Microsoft would not ask for over the phone), and proceeded to install software to give them full access to his PC and charged him $500.00. I advised him to report the scam to his credit card company and they reverded the charge. Then my friend received a half dozen threatening phone calls and some nasty e-mails. B.T.W. I determined they were calling from Pakistan.

  10. I had the same call,when i told him he only wanted my bank details so he could rip me off and i told him i don’t have a bank account he called me a beggar amongst many other unprintable names while i just laughed at him which made him worse then i hung up on him

  11. This scam has been targeting people in Australia for years .. if you don’t want to be rude or just hang up, say you have an apple computer .. they hang up without a word. Or say you dont have a computer.

    1. @David: I have 4 pcs and run Linux on a couple of them, I just ask which one has the problem let them guess – usually get the big silence 🙂

  12. i play with them, my goal is to get them to hang up on me without me being rude or offensive, they eventually hang up and i get a good laugh. some roles i play a way over the top gay, the gay butler, vietnamese who even a vietnamese would find hard to understand, an evangalist – “praise the lord with me brother, i’m so glad you called, hallelujah brother – lets sing songs of praise” or if i’m in a hurry i just say “i dont have a computer” then – click. have fun

    1. I do @daniel: nice, probably what I would do, I would laugh at their ignorance as I am a techy and I know what I am doing when I’m on a computer, I keep my computer virus free, and I know what software to use to keep my computers running good. I have helped neighbors and friends alike via teamviewer and going next door to work on their computers but having a full time 3rd shift job, working on others computers takes time away from my free time, so sometimes I do ask for donations which anybody wants. I’ve used PcPitstops PC Matic to do things I don’t have time myself to do automatically, and I’ve also scanned my computers on their Overdrive, which can tell you what needs to be done to get your commputer working like a new computer again

  13. I had a similar call in Canada and I strung her along for a few minutes before turning nasty on her ass…she got downright rude and I asked her if it was Microsoft policy to be rude to customers…as she stammered looking for a response I told her I was onto their scam and to take it and stick it up their asses and slammed the phone down!

  14. The so-called “Windows Technical Department” phoned me and we talked for nearly an hour. He did his best to convince me that his call was not a scam. He pretended not to understand English when I repeatedly asked him if he was from Microsoft. As he instructed, I went to his website. I asked him his name and what city he was in several times, as he spoke with an Indian accent. Steve Thomas was his name… ha, ha, ha. And he was in a US city. Double ha ha. I asked repeatedly what this free help was going to cost. He said nothing. When I pointed out that his website mentioned “subscription”, he pretended that it meant nothing. Then he told me to go to link, and a file name came up on the screen for me to click on. It was an .exe file. He said that would help us communicate better. I said, no way, not a chance, I will not click on an .exe file and download God knows what into my computer. He got frustrated and angry and argued with me. I said goodbye and hung up. It was an education. He was very, VERY convincing. Best to hang up on the call immediately.

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