Old PC Parts Become Amazing Art

We recently stumbled across some amazing artwork produced by UK based artist Susan Stockwell…one of her mediums of choice — old PC parts. Not sure how these creations have escaped our attention over the past few years – but they are still well worth sharing.

One of Stockwell’s recent exhibition ‘Flood’ in York was made entirely from four tons of recycled computer components that were transformed into a site specific installation in St Marys’ a de-consecrated 13th century church.–About Susan Stockwell

Find below just a few images (all found at susanstockwell.co.uk) of her very cool work:

FLOOD – A Site Specific Installation – 2010

Taipei Stack with Freefall in background – 2008 (part of installation B-Side Ecology)

Map of America 2009(part of Vulnerable Ecologies, Solo Exhibition)

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