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burning youtube videos to dvd

by Rob Boirun for BurnWorld.com

Burning YouTube Videos to DVD

Like most internet users, I love spending time on YouTube and I even have my own favorite channels and specific videos which I refer to on a regular basis. If your like me you would prefer a way to download YouTube videos right? In addition, why not back them up too, for example to DVD? I find it more reliable to keep my favorite videos on discs rather than online, so burning YouTube clips to DVD is a perfect solution. Since most of my videos I frequent are in HD, it’ll be nice to view them on a big screen.

Writing about DVD burning software for already 10 years, I can say that there are really few tools which can cope with the task of burning YouTube to DVD. The regular practice is to download YouTube videos with some download manager and then use a DVD burner software to copy clips to DVD. Not long ago I was reviewing Freemake Video Converter, a free and quality tool to convert videos to and from different formats without any hassles. The fact is that besides video conversion, Freemake is also remarkable for its downloading and burning features. Thus, with this tool one can easily get YouTube videos directly to DVD, without running any additional software. With Freemake, I managed to fit all of the videos from a specific YouTube channel (25 videos) onto one DVD disc. It only took me 15 minutes do to this!

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3 thoughts on “BurnWorld.com: Burning YouTube Videos to DVD

  1. I've been doing this for years, using the free-version of RealPlayer.
    It's as simple as a 'right-click' on the video and select 'download'…

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