Protect Your Identity with Multiple Layers

protect your identity with multiple layers

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Protect Your Identity with Multiple Layers

This post is about different layers of online social identity: public, private and personal. A lot of people don’t know how to segregate the 3 into different layers of the identity.

Prime example is banking information. It is recommended to use a separate email address and build an identity that you don’t even share with your family. That’s used only for your banking, credit cards, PayPal, other online accounts that deal with money. That email address should always be segregated. It shouldn’t be used with anything else. Never put it publicly and don’t share with anybody.

That’s one of the identities that we look at. The other is more of a private one – family, friends, and then the third is your public side. So, you can build 3 layers around it.

Let’s see how to protect your identity online.

Secure Your Email Address

Start right now and get an email address that you don’t share with anybody and start moving your primary accounts to that address, things like banking, online finance, anything you do with credit cards. Start securing your identity, make sure no one knows that address but you, maybe your spouse in some rare cases. You won’t get spammed there because the only reason for that is if the credit card company sold your information. So, that’s identifiable. This can protect your online accounts, the ones you cannot bare to expose.

Disposable Email To Protect Your Identity

And then it’s good to have the public address that you use for everything. A lot of the email systems like Gmail let you alias it. You can have 2 or 3 email inbound names for the same account. You still log in one mailbox, you are not maintaining multiple mailboxes but it gives your forms of identity.

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