4 Things to Love About Windows 8

4 things to love about windows 8


4 Things to Love About Windows 8

Microsoft just announced the release of Windows 8 and put the date at October 26th. So far, it’s already signed off copies of the system to manufacturers, so we’re expecting that they’re practically done with the entire operating system. Before they launch, it’s a best practice to have a look into the good, bad, and ugly side of the operating system before you think about getting yourself a clean copy or upgrade. In light of this, we’re going to lay out the pros and cons completely for you so you can decide whether you want this running on your computer.

Here are some of the things that we can look forward to in Windows 8:

1. The Metro Interface

OK, so there are a lot of people complaining about the Metro UI, and I also have a few grievances in that department, but we will get to that soon. All in all, there are a few positive things about it. First of all, I like the idea of having icons display useful information that I otherwise would have had to open the app for. In a traditional desktop environment, you have to open an app to see the information that it presents. Many, if not most, Metro apps allow you to see information related to them without even clicking a button. That’s quite a plus, honestly. Another positive thing about the Metro UI is the horizontal emphasis it has with scrolling. I like to read left-to-right, and this completely emphasizes that dire need.

2. Performance

Unlike with every other new release of Windows that required more and more resources, Windows 8 does a good job at keeping resource hunger to a minimum. It uses a lot less of my RAM, and so does Microsoft’s new Office 15. So far, so good!

3. The Task Manager

The new task manager within Win8 is much more user-friendly, provides more information, and has more transparency than the previous versions. You might recall having to search for some mystery process in the task manager to shut it off. Now, you get the full name of processes and how many network and disk resources they’re using, whereas the older task manager showed you only half the story along with a bunch of details no one wants to see.

It’s Less Glassy

I know this is arbitrary, but for me, the Aero system was wonderful. The only problem was that the title bars took up more space than necessary and I could do without all the glassy effects. Windows 8 removes this by adding another kind of desktop interface that has square corners, smaller space occupation, and more emphasis on performance rather than presentation.

Now that we’ve covered the pros, let’s cover what’s ugly.

A few things you might hate about Windows 8

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20 thoughts on “ 4 Things to Love About Windows 8”

  1. Bernard Parisius

    Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 (partition), VM Work Station + Linux Mint 13 in.
    Windows 7,…………..see results………..lightning fast!

  2. If the beta version that I have seen is what win8 is finally going to be like – then count me out. I can only change my mind about this only when I have a really tested version and then I can trust an become win8-compliant. For now, am cool with my win7 64/32 bit.

  3. Out of curiosity I started to use Ubuntu, and now I dread when I have to use Windows. On Ubuntu everything is up and running in seconds, and when I shut down, it shuts down. There are numerous options for desk tops. Security is pretty darn good. I have to use Windows, because Ubuntu unfortunately is not supported by some software I need to use. Windows 8 has just made me wish that I could get the software I need to run in Ubuntu.

  4. “Unlike with every other new release of Windows that required more and more resources, Windows 8 does a good job at keeping resource hunger to a minimum.”

    Everyone says that when a new OS comes out and then 6 months down the road it turns into the predictable slow pig it was always meant to be.

    1. @Dan:

      That because 6 months down the line all the 3rd parties have figured out how to embed stuff directly into startup to clog the memory with processes it doesnt need. With even itteration of Windows thus far it has become harder and harder to remove this crap from the startup.

      Atm, Im trying to remove a ton of crap from my windows 7 startup, stuff I KNOW I dont need like punkbuster and veoh, but the option isnt in msconfig and combofix hasnt removed them and thus far noone else has given me another way besides formatting. If windows 8 follows this particular tend, I will be most upset, more user accessibility is needed for those who want it, not less.

  5. Already took it for a test drive. Online games run laggy when there’s more enemies on screen. I had the same problem with Windows 7 which is why I’m still on XP which has no lag at all and has the best performance from my experience. I really wanted to like Windows 8 but XP still holds all the cards when it comes to performance and since I play a lot of Mass Effect 3 online looks like I won’t be making the switch.

  6. Win 8 = FAIL I won't be Downgrading to 8 I love Win 7 64bit and my computer is overkill for this OS and I can run anything I need to.Right now I've have 6 IE open and using 31% of my RAM and that's alot most of the time is below 25%.
    My WEI
    Processor 7.7 (Stock).
    Memory 7.8 (Max Setting).
    Graphics 7.9 (stock).
    Gaming Graphics 7.9 (Stock).
    Primary Hard Disk 7.7 (Needs basic Maintenance).
    Over All 7.7 (Before OC ).

    1. Have you even tried it yet?? Don't bash something until you've tried it.. Windows 8 is actually better than Windows 7 but like I said, if you haven't tried it how would you know..

    2. I downloaded it and can use win 7 to slip my HDD for two OS but it was made for an OS for ALL platforms but i just know it fails on the PC, i'ts ok for the phone and maybe tablets with touch screen buti'm still standing by what i know to be true.I'm happy with win 7 64bit and Microsoft needs to listen to it's users.Look what happen to Vista!

    3. Keep in mind i'm ONLY talking about me and anyone else is going to make up thier own mind.I just know it's not for me!

  7. 1. I don't like "Metro".
    2. I'm fine with performance of Windows 7.
    3. I like the new "Task Manager".
    4. I like the Aero glass interface of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    I won't be upgrading for just a new "Task Manager" because third-party utilities make up for any shortcut falls with the Windows 7 "Task Manager."

    1. Well sooner or later you'll have to try it unless you wanna' use 7 forever just like some people still use XP. And what about the added security feature in W8 and the fact that it manages memory a lot better than Windows 7.. There's a lot more to it than just a new Task Manger.

    2. I am completely aware of the fact that Windows 8 will eventually be "required" when you purchase it on a new computer and I can always erase the hard drive. As a TechNet subscriber I can continue to use Windows 7 because I have access to the license keys.

      I have tried Windows 8 and I don't like it. I've got Microsoft certifications and 8 years of IT experience so I'm not just an average user sitting at home.

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