Which Country Has the Fastest Laptop PC? (Free Infographic)


Which Country Has the Fastest Laptop PCs? (Free Infographic)


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Which Country Has the Fastest Desktop PC? (Free Infographic) Here


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4 thoughts on “Which Country Has the Fastest Laptop PC? (Free Infographic)”

  1. it doesn't say who have more computers duh only what country have the computer with more MIPS average! then if there is a country with only 1 PC in all the country and is faster than any other pc in the world that country would be the #1 >_>!
    quality>>> quantity

  2. Well take into account that we have probably 10-100 times the number of computers in the US than most countries that will bring down the average… This is unfortunately a useless statistic without showing how many computers were scanned in each country as a base for comparison. if only 5 Laptops were scanned in Singapore and they happened to be $3000 powerhouses and 1,000,000 laptops were scanned in the US many of which are old and still being used what do you think the average is going to look like?

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