Windows8-The Last Nail

Knowing that nothing is forever, I’ve always wondered when we’d see the fall of Windows. Unfortunately, I think we are seeing that happen now.

In the past two years we’ve seen mobility reshape the form of computing. Cell phones have become mini computers and tablets have become the fastest growing form factor of computing today.

Where is Microsoft during all this? That’s right, they are not there. While Apple and Google have been selling tablets like hotcakes,Microsoft has managed to sit on its corporate backside and watch as once small competition gobbles up today’s new market.

A few years back Apple users were portrayed as a small group, a nerdy few, in casual garb. They had maniacal allegiance to a small company, selling overpriced computers. Not anymore. Every day I see more and more people switching to Apple. Three years ago I never heard anyone say” I’ve bought a new Apple computer” and now I hear it almost every day. Are they saying they bought a Tablet? Who knows, but the fact is that because of Tablets, Apple is now in a lot more homes and has a lot more recognition. Heck, my wife has an iPad, both my grand daughters have iPads. I have an iPhone.

Google/Android is the other big player in the tablet and phone market. Android is now huge, and when there is a comparison of new kit, it is between Android and Apple.
Windows phones? Windows Tablets? Not yet, maybe in October.

The point is that Windows has already let the cows out of the pasture. People already know that there are excellent choices other than Windows. The fear of the unknown is gone. iStuff and Android are established, they are well received. What appeared to be the small Battle of Phoneville and the Battle of Tabletsburg has changed the momentum and the landscape of the whole war. Microsoft will fall because it failed to fight what it thought were small battles. Apathy, and lack of vision were the downfall of this overstuffed, self suffocating King. The king is dead. Long live Mobility.

Let me know what you think.

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144 thoughts on “Windows8-The Last Nail

  1. I converted to MacBook Pro in 2011 after years of suffering with Windows PCs and their propensity to mess up and have problems no matter HOW careful I was. Walked into the Apple store, spent $1,500 on everything and to this day not a single problem with malware. Couple of adjustments here and there but when I consider the wasted time I no longer waste I'm happy. Never going to run another PC again. I haven't even run an antivirus in years

  2. I’ve been predicting the fall of MS for about 10 years back when it really seemed unfathomable.  Now the time is closer than ever.  Completely wretched usability, poor reliability and bargain based hardware is fast becoming their achilles heel.  People are fast realizing that PCs aren’t so much of a bargain when you spend a few days reinstalling your OS every other year and you loose all you settings and some if not all of your data.  I’ve seen many case of just that turning a $800 bargain PC into a $1400 ball and chain.  I’ve had my iMac since 2006 and not until this year am I planning to replace it.  Apple haters may laugh but the day gets closer and closer when windows fails in the marketplace.  The only thing keeping them afloat is the residual of tremendous momentum they had in the late 90’s.

  3. Are you kidding? Have you tried to use Mac (or Unix, for that matter) on a business network? Have you seen Windows 8 Phone or Tablet?

    Microsoft's product management continues to hit home runs. I suppose you're too cool-centric to notice Windows Server 2012.

    Why should we take anything you write seriously?

  4. Windows is computing.

    Certainly, it’s corporate computing; and for me and many others who require the freedom to use their personal computers any way they want, Windows is the past, present and future of the PC, too.

    To me, Apple is ‘The Evil Empire of the Drones’, due to its straightjacket policies. Apple has a market, though: People who know nothing about computers (and have no desire to learn how to use a computer to its full potential), the tragically hip, and educational environments in which such rigor in the operating system becomes advantageous/desirable.

    Still, the entire computing world owes an immense debt of gratitude to Bill Gates’ savvy — and IBM’s shortsightedness — for creating a competitive world of PCs that everyone can afford, not just the wealthy.

    Long story short: IBM terminated MicroSoft’s contract to write the BIOS code for IBM’s proprietary PC hardware. Gates offered to sell the ‘leftover’ code to IBM for $1 million. Had IBM agreed, we’d never have heard of Gates, Microsoft or a sub-$3000 PC. Apple and IBM would have kept the industry in a stranglehold with their top secret, proprietary hardware and machine code. (NB: Torvalds would also never have invented Linux, since he’d never have had access to IBM’s code; therefore, we’d never have gotten Android, derived from Linux. So, you’d also have no choice in smart phones, either. You owe Bill Gates for any freedom in technology you have.)

    But because IBM refused, Gates was able to write MS-DOS based on the IBM hardware BIOS and then the Windows 1.0 graphical user interface/overlay to run on “IBM PC-compatible” computers, and competition — both in the hardware and software arenas — allowed the rise of the affordable PC.

    …And Gates became the richest man in the developed world (I don’t count OPEC’kers).

    That was Apple’s death knell in the PC market, where they still have less than a 10% share. Phones and other mobile gadgets? They’re the leader there; but that’s mostly based on a boutique-mentality, and none of those devices is a proper computer, to include the hyper-hyped iPad (now with wings!)…

    So, “I’m a PC”, as the slogan goes. I will purchase a Surface with WIN 8 when they come out; but, I will also stick with WIN 7 Ultimate — which has never crashed on me — on both my desktop and laptop.

    WIN 8 is touch-centric and strictly for phones and tablets, imo. For proper hardware platforms (and gaming, hello), WIN 7 (64-bit, if you’ve got more than 3GB RAM or you’ll get memory-related BSODs, nimrod) is the only choice, until WIN 9. AeroGlass is too beautiful, too elegant, too good to throw out with the bathwater…

    Windows is far from dead. Long live the King!

    • One more time. My entire 2 cents worth

      Can you imagine if the scenario your wrote about was allowed to take place? IBM and APPLE ruling the world of computing?.Computers stayed in the dark ages as a result of the indignate culture of IBM in not seeing the future of a personal computing world and the industries, technologies and thinking created by microsoft.Again, I’m no devotee of Bill Gates nor do I agree with all of microsoft’s policies, however I would never do business with a company that kept me from using a product in the way it would best benefit me.Add to the above that the products are and have always been way overpriced and hyped. If Jobs had any talent, it was the fact that he made a good carnival barker.
      I’ve just built a new blazing fast PC, as I’ve stated in my earlier ‘rant’ with Win 7, an i5 2400 and use it for music and video and am thorougly satisfied. So far, flawless for hundreds of dollars less

  5. I disliked the Windows phone when I purchased it & promptly sold it because there were too few options, whereas Android lets me customize to my hearts content. I’m not happy now about how Win8 looks like it’s pushing me to use my PC in a way I don’t want to go. My Android Galaxy Note & iPad are extensions of my hand BTW, so I’m into mobile. So death is a slow process & there will MS & PCs long into the future but I wouldn’t blame the author for his view because they’re squandered so much potential, & I think people who call him stupid or whatever need to get a grip & realise it’s an opinion piece & get some manners!!!

  6. I agree that the author is stupid as hell for writing this. Most of Corporate America runs on a Microsoft Network. That is not changing anytime in the near future. PERIOD. MS will be around for a long long time. Apple is just an overpriced PC with an over priced operating systm. That is the plain truth of it.

  7. Windows 8 may, or may not, be great for tablets and phones. It is, however, an unmitigated disaster for desktop users. Where or why Microsoft got the idea that the world runs on portable devices is beyond me. As an IT professional, my CAD users aren’t going to want Windows 8 as it is today.

    The graphics in 8 are crude by 1980s Atari standards.

    As for Apple – I run Apple both at home and at work. BUT – if *ANY* other company did half the Xenophobic and planned obsolescence nonsense Apple does routinely, they’d be laughed out of business! This kind of thinking permeates the entire “Apple World”. Software title “A” by Company “X” won’t run on a 3 year old Apple, but will run fine on a 10 year old Windows box. What’s up with that?

  8. While I know PC's will suffer from tablet and phone competition – those devices have a long way to go in order to deliver the full power and performance of a PC. If you're satisfied with small text messages, ebooks and tiny views of the web – fine. If you're an avid gamer and photographer as I am, than only a very high priced laptop can come close to my Dell XPS 9100. And though I own both a Kindle and an Ipad, they are just small toys in comparison. And an Apple computer still costs a lot more. I sure hope you're wrong.


  9. All right, so your wife uses an i-something. What about the multinational corporation which has her brother on its payroll ? Don’t they use desktops and servers anymore ? And did they switch to Apple ? Do they do their spreadsheet work on cell phones ? Their project management ? Their CAD-CAM product design ?

    It seems to me, on the contrary, that Microsoft is getting its act together. First Windows 7, which is (almost) a joy to use. Then (not necessarily in chronological order), online Office. Then,, which is vastly more attractive than Gmail as far as the user interface is concerned. Then, Sky Drive. Then, Microsoft Security Essentials, a product many experts recommend against the competition, free or otherwise. Then, Microsoft Updates. Then, Bing.

    Certainly, there are still areas where Microsoft is a nuisance : Office pricing, licensing policies…

    But saying Windows is dying is ridiculous.

  10. I’m still a PC person and Windows works just fine for me. Apple is just another choice in the market place as is Android.
    I bought an Asus Android tablet. My wife now has it to read her books and do crosswords and word searches etc. Why? Because every time I wanted to do something meaningful I found myself reaching for my Laptop if I was out of the office or my desktop if I was at home.
    Typing on that stupid on screen keyboard is not a pleasure. The WiFi connection is poor to say the least, if you are not really close to the AP.
    The damn thing cost more than my laptop and is nowhere near as capable
    Web browsing is to say the least flakey. Everything requires another App, half of which are nowhere near well written. Because they are free does not mean they should be of poor quality.
    Maybe when it matures and gets out of the clutches of Google things will improve a little more.
    If Microsoft produced this sort of junk today they would get roasted for it.
    As well as which Google seems to have appointed itself as the guardians of our morals in some instances.
    Believe it or not I subscribe to an adult magazine (Oh you perverted horrible little man) through Zinio, but the Android reader blocks it because Google won’t allow the adult material switch in the reader for Android. WOW censorship is alive and well in America in the form of Google.
    Long live Android, Apple and Microsoft.Competition is good for us consumers.

  11. There is nothing so grand that I'd switch to a Mac. I have no intention of getting into an iPhone, either. So expensive! Mr. Hogan's granddaughters and his wife have iPads and he has an iPhone. Three people have them? Not impressed. Oh, and how's that upgrade of your Mac or iPad going? What? No way to upgrade? What Apple gives you is what you get.

    The title of the article is "Windows8-The Last Nail". I read this assuming there'd be some info on Wait. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

    Perhaps he should talk to Leo Watson on Pit Blog who wrote about why he changed back from a Mac to a PC:

    or Dwight Silverman:

    Jeff Ward-Baily:

    • Windows and Mac are both great operating systems. I switched to Mac because of the fact that it's more stable than Windows is; although Windows 8 is showing a big improvement in the stability department. Now just because I switched to Mac doesn't mean I left Windows in the dark. I upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to 8 RP and it's the best thing I've done so far. I don't see any reason why people would use only one platform. Why just stick with one when you can get the best of both. It's not about war, it's about how much can you get out of both.

      And as for the upgrade of the Mac, it's going great, and I love how easy it is to do so. And I hate the iPad, it's just an oversized iPhone but I do use an iPod Touch which is also easy to upgrade (software-wise).

      People who think switching from Microsoft to Apple or vice-versa is making a big mistake.

      P.s: Before you go and knock down the iPhone, I strongly suggest you at least try it before saying you'd never use it.

  12. There is an old saying/question in regards to Apple. Do you know why Apple keeps coming out with new computer Iphones & Ipads. The Answer is simple – because an Apple turns ROTTEN after a short period of time. 🙂

    • Wouldn't that apply to any company. If Microsoft suddenly stopped making Windows they would become boring too. It's all about improving your product with each new release. In the tech. world nothing goes slow, it's always done fast because of high demand for the latest and greatest.

  13. Have you ever considered the long term affect usage of Iphones & Ipads. There hasn't been enough time (only 15 years) into the research effects of exposure to radiation and brain tumors in correlation with using these Iphones. There has been no research in regards to the Ipads. Think of the children and the very long term effects of say, 40-50 years. Microsoft knows this. The other companies don't care as they are just in it solely for the money.

    • Whether this is true or not it's not just iPhones that do that. Almost every electronic device that sends out signals will do that. To be honest, too much of one thing is bad for anybody no matter how much a company says it's okay. For example: If you eat too much junk food then you're killing yourself inside, but if you use electronic devices too much such as computers, TV's, cellphones, etc. your health will be affected. It's a matter of, will people actually listen? If you want to stay healthy then you need to have proper balance.

  14. I'm going to stop reading these pretty soon.. MS isn't dead. I don't need a tablet. My laptop does fine on the road and my desktop is a custom made monster that is more powerful than any apple computer you could go out and buy from the store and still costs less.

    • … Not all Mac computers are insanely expensive. The Mac Mini is only $600 which is better than paying over $1000 for a computer, don't you think?

      • I prefer desktop computers. They do not have to cost $1000. You can build them for much less. I have three homebuilt computers, all Microsoft Windows 7, all very stable.

  15. The key to this is a single word – mobility. People can cart around a form factor of a computer easily. But – the limitations of a tablet’s capability compared to a desktop are known. There is no reason to suppose people will automatically dump a desktop having acquired a tablet given the tablet’s limits. Yes – Microsoft haven’t done themselves any favors with the tablet oriented Win 8,and ignoring the desktop market. Unless there is a compelling reason to switch people will likely run Win 7 until forced to change by support time running out.

  16. I am totally amused by the comments complaining about Apple et al swallowing up Microsoft. I'm sure those who've been around from the 80s know this is exactly what Microsoft did to Lotus, Netscape, Corel and others by forcing computer manufacturers to use their software if they wanted Windows. Talk about Microsoft haters, there are quite a few of us around and rightfully so…

  17. One of the most repugnant articles about computing ever.

    Have you actually used Windows 8?

    Well, schmuck, I have – on two computers that previously had Windows XP installed. I don't go for flash – I want a stable operating system – and I have had two Apple computers and both were the worst products I've ever owned. I sold one and the other is a huge paper weight that has consumed its operating systems more times in 6 months than any windows machine I've ever owned.

    Windows 8 runs extremely fast on these two Dell laptops – the Start screen is something you get used to – just like the backwards on everything Apple operating system that requires two steps to close a program. I've been running Windows 8 for nearly a month and kept the XP operating systems on their hard drive and put them on the shelf never to be used again. Every program I used on XP installed and runs fine on Windows 8. Yes, there are things that are different, but as I've seen in different versions of the Apple knucklehead systems, they change things around for the heck of it too.

    I wish the media would stop bashing Windows 8 – it is faster than all other windows operating systems I ever used (and I've used all since 3.1). It is fast on boot and shutdown and is even better than Windows 7 in most instances. And you can make the start screen into whatever you want – it is customizable and works – I removed the worthless gadget "apps" and use it almost as a modified desktop – and yes – there is a traditional desktop.

    So Windows haters, get a life. Apple sucks even though you all hype it as something better. It clearly is not and is only the "in thing" that will quickly be replaced by the next "in thing" for the next generation. It isn't better than Windows – just oddly different.

  18. I think mobile computer is dumbing everything down to the point that we won't even need to know how to type soon into the future. Our younger generations' creativity is being lost because the APPs on mobile devices and tablets are limiting people's potential. Garage Band on an iPad? What about Sound Forge on a PC? Don't even get me started with Microsoft bringing Office to Tablet form. Countless other computing experiences are being dumbed down to limit the everyday user's potential. What a joke. If one day their remains a small niche market of big picture thinking creative individuals out there, I hope they aren't being held back by this "mobility" movement.

    • Why do you think that it's dumbing everything down? And what's wrong with bringing Office to the tablet. I like the idea of being able to go wherever I want and have the opportunity to open up and/or edit any document I want.

  19. If you look at the consumer market for IT related products, there are for concepts that Microsoft has been seemingly oblivious to up antill now. Those are mobile devices, touch screens, “the cloud”, and apps. Those of you whou have been using Windows 8 release preview, would no that MS’s new OS adresses each of those beautifully, even though it has yet to feauture in the mobile market, the potential is most definitely there! If you are an apple user, I challenge you to download it and see for yourself. Oh, that’s right, you can’t! You’re cult doesn’t allow it. As for Linux? Well, it’s really really good! Except for one thing, most of the consumer market doesn’t even know what linux is. Mostly because you can’t really market something that is free anyway, and there’s no real money in it for software developers with the type of market share linux has. As for me? I’ll stick with windows 8. In my opinion it’s a game changer, and unlike what the heading of this article suggests, it mig be exactly what MS needs to stay on top!

  20. Since mobility will never have the capacity to handle tasks like document creation, software development and internet development, I don’t see Microsoft “dying”. Perhaps they made a strategic decision to stick with what they DO do best (e.g. Office, .NET development Suite) and continue to be the only real choice for large scale development.

    Mobility is nice, but for an analogy, let me ask this question… In Star Trek, did the use of communicators and tricorders result in the death of the Enterprise’s main computer? Mobile devices are great, but not conducive to creating all the content they actually contain. Just my opinion.


  21. Before I bought a new phone I read the comments of many users of many phones. Many iphone users were switching over to various Anroid based phones by choice and after months of use were, reportedly, much happier with the new droid sytem phones. Some of the Android users prefered a newer android based phone from motorola and were more pleased with the Motorola brand than any other and compared them to their Iphones and androids . Comments on all products contained both pro and con opinions, and very disatified customers. After all the research; I opted for what most iphone users, and some android users, who entered comments, said they found to be better. I also listened to the voice quality of many iphones and android devices . To me, motorola has the best voice quality and one which I really use. Actual user experiences, comprable functions, and price dictated my choice. Any device is good if it meets your criteria and does what you need. The ease of use and specific personal financial ability dictate what one can purchase. Desire dictaets what one will actually purchase .

  22. Seeing all these ‘ripostes’ I’m inclined to think you struck a nerve with this article.

    I’ve always been interested in tools so when my friends complained that arguing (out loud) with my computer put me in a bad mood I thought I’d try OS X. Now, six years later, I still haven’t argued with it once… and I still have the same machine.

    I do maintain an installation of Windows XP Pro (on that same Mac) so I can continue to help my friends. That’s all I ever use it for!

    As long as there are people out there using one flavor or another of Windows I think Microsoft will still be there. And I don’t think Windows will ‘fall’ any time soon.

  23. Ipads, ipods, and tablets. I have an ipad … and an ipod… … someone gave them to me brand new. Nice toys, I can’t do much with the ipad, compared to my laptop or desktop, but then again, I like to do a lot and have almost infinate choices of what to do on my computers at any given time. Mayby the ipads have advanced more recently. And it has little memory, I can’t download my office suites nor even a fraction of the programs I have on my computers. I already can watch movies on blue ray or direct from the internet, and watch tv, or sports on my computer. and listen to music from disk or radio or the internet, play games, send emails, make phone calls, do instant texting, use voice commands to dial and type, and do business on my laptop, and desk top. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do on my ipad since it is so limited. I like big screens and have several really big screens to watch my favorites on. I fail to see any advantage of DOWN SIZING my screen sizes to an ipad size let alone being thrilled by a phone screen size. And nothing is so important that I just have to watch it while I am “out and about” However, I guess an ipad is very light and cute to carry around and look cool. There is nothing like owning a product with planned obsolesance. I just love the I pods. Oh, dear, my battery finially died and cannot be recharged nor replaced? What? What do you mean I cannot replace the battery? Oh, I see just throw away the unit and purchase a new one. Let’s see replace a $5.00 battery or replace a unit costing much much more than the lowly battery. Neither my ipod nor my ipad have replaceable batteries. Ah… so what? The landfills need something to fill them faster don’t they? I mean, like throw it is such a great choice .. Tway a small battery or the entire unit which is much bigger?. YEP makes sense. OPPPS. can’t just throw either in the garbage as both are not biodegradable, and are bad for the environment. What a great idea. Lets be forced to buy a new unit when the battery goes out. And just how stupid does the public look OH … never mind …. I see. Nothing like a yuppie. Put a big price on it and market it and well let them dispose of them as fast as possible and ….. It is far better to look really cool with a new disposable… cool thingy.

  24. Tablets YUK! my big Desktop/21″screen,powerful…only way to play games and photoshop..tablets just a toy really for the yuppies..long live Mr Gates!!

  25. Yea, let’s see you do 3D engineering drawings and electronic PC Board layout on a tablet. Fun toys for the texting and facebook crowd, but not for serious work. I’ll stick with my desktop, thank you.

  26. I won’t touch Windows 8 but I’m staying with Microsoft, and a desktop PC. Here’s why.

    I use my PC as a tool not a toy. I’m also retired, so I don’t need to be ‘connected’ while travelling. I’m very interested in computer technology, quite highly computer literate but entirely self taught. I don’t have or need a smartphone, or a tablet PC. I have an ancient £30 mobile phone – which I use PAYG for emergencies and little more, but it has a stills and video camera, and is tri-band for crossing the Atlantic if ever I need these facilities. I use a DSLR for my photography, and put the results on Flickr, not the trivialising Facebook. I have an ancient laptop dedicated to an astronomical observatory. I had an XP desktop for years, by-passed the Vista downgrade, but was recently forced, fairly willingly, by the imminent threat of Windows 8, to eventually upgrade to Windows 7 while it was still available – I got the Pro version so I can run my old software in XP mode. (I had previously upgraded from Windows Me to XP just in time to avoid having to get Vista)

    My new computer was custom built in my local High Street, with just the features I want – including the SCSI card from 2 computers ago, which enables me to run a splendid slide scanner designed for Windows 95. I also run my ancient Canon flatbed scanner, using VueScan – a better driver than the original Canon one! And at little cost I’ve future-proofed what started out as the bottom of the range basic model PC with a Blu-Ray player and USB-3 ports, though as yet I have no USB-3 kit. My PC is an emailer, researcher, language lab, desktop publisher, music score editor, astronomy tool, and digital darkroom. I’ve dabbled with Ubuntu but have too much specialist software I would need to run under Wine, and am not yet ready to make the jump.

    There will be a lot of people like me who need and value a desktop PC and don’t need and will refuse to buy all the latest gadgets. I’ve not seen a single one that could do HALF the uses I have for my PC. We are pushed into buying FAR too much unnecessary hardware, all of which contains small amounts – but en masse enormous quantities – of rare and precious metals that we are nowhere near being able to recycle. We CANNOT go on like this as a species.

    • @John Kemp:

      I agree 100% with Mr Kemp…. I have no interest in the new equipment.

      My trust PC serves my purpose quite well. I am 72 years old and learned to use windows by trial and error. Long live windows.

    • TO John Kemp: I agree with you. Win 7 is so much more stable, reliable, and accepts a lot of older programs and can often find a “Compatability mode” for more obsolete programs and or driversd. Win 7 also has many, many features that I find convenient, very usable and time savers.
      I, too, had upgraded to Windows 7 pro to run my xp programs but found it slowed down the process so much that I removed the pro version in favor of home premium (which does not have that feature) (it also voided a warranty issue if I kept it on the system.) However, even with the pro , one does not have to load via the XP function which basically is a 32 and 16 bit NT simulator) (One has to activate the 32 bit program in order to be able to then use the XP programs. A task that slows down the process) I found out that most of my XP programs actually downloaded into win 7 home premium with no problem, (unless it was an older 16 bit program). and activated much faster on the normal Win 7 home premium. Sadly some, a few, not many, of my favorite and better XP programs did not load, so I had to purchase some newer versions that actually are not as versatile nor,in my opinion, as good as, the old ones. Also The newer USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports will not work with many older programs that need to communicate with external hardware such as medical devices, some older cell phones, some scanners, etc. and they alone create a need for new hardware and or new programs and new hardware. Like you, I use my computer for quite a variety of functions including a home business. I also see the “Ithingy’s” as mere expensive “yuppie” toys that simply will not do all of the things that I want, and/or need it to do. So I choose not to throw my money away on them just to look, or seem, “COOL”. MY phone needs good quality voice sound so I can make and receive voice calls that I can really hear that are not scratchy or “squelchy” or at some god awful frequency that may as well be greek that I cannot understand. I have found that many, if not most , of the new iphones that I tried, and many other android devices do not have clear voice sound quality that I can use. Nor do many Blue tooth headsets. My 4 bands on my old phone can connect me on either side of the “pond”, And a large SD micro memory card lets me keep all of my desired phone, email and personal data for everyone I need to call; and still has room to share products, site, or personal pictures and music if I so choose. Best of all, the voice quality is sharp, clear and free of most noise. But even those functions are all available on a larger, easier to see, laptop computer screen when I travel. (Including making voice and visual phone calls) I think microsoft does it right. NO “throw aways” just because of a battery. Even today an old DOS computer will still work the prograqms designed for it. Then, as now, MS enabled many more software programs to work with pc’s than the very limited Apple programs. Unless you were into fantastic graphic constructs a “PC” was a no brainer. Then again common sense does not negate success. For example “Look at the success of the “PET ROCK” and other “TOYS”. I love apple computer functions but in this fast paced world of ever better technology; not for the price.

  27. I have been working with Computers since 1975. I saw the rise of the PC and later Microsoft. I also watched the rise of Apple. The Apple desktop is built on Unix which was a multiuser OS from the start and therefore had a lot of security built in. Microsoft started with non networked software that did not require any security built in. While they have greatly improved their security they have never equaled the Unix security. I have worked with Unix and other secure OS's over the years. What I recommend to potential buyers is to look at their software needs and then choose the OS. My wife is locked into MS because she requires two programs to do Medical Transcription that only run on MS Windows. This hate speech from all side is silly. Each OS has its pros and cons. Let the needs of the public iron out the issue without all this rancor.

    • @James Apperson: Here is another interesting (and relevant) fact: They are ALL PCs…The only thing that separates them is the Operating System. So, be they MS-based, OSX-based, Linux/Unix-based…call them all what they are: Personal Computers.

    • Well said. IT is up to the individual need But all of the OS are subject to “hacking”. None are any more secure than another when it comes to the “hackers”. All need additional security measures so don’t be misled.

    • I hate it when people think of Microsoft and Apple as a war. It's not the '90s anymore. People like that need to get their head out of the gutter and realize that it's not about using one over the other; instead it's about utilizing both to get the best out of your work or whatever it is you want/need to do.

  28. Companies are not going to switch anytime soon to something other than windows as most are still running windows XP. Windows 7 is still a viable platform for them to transition to. Three or four years ago netbooks were going to be the end of desktop pc’s and laptops, but that didn’t happen. This tablet thing is just new and will probably fade as people realize the limitations of the hardware. Windows 8 in my opinion will be like window ME, short lived and just an attempt at something a little different.Tablet pcs will find a niche in the market and will be useful as a mobile device but to use as a main pc for business will be questionable.

  29. I agree that Apple Products cost too much. For my tastes and budget, anyways. I cannot afford them! And even if I could, I would NOT pay so much more for an Apple computer when a PC can do the very same things, just as well, for much less money!

    • Lol microsoft is not gana fall what a stupid post this is it should be deleted. Apple is good microsoft is good they both have their purpose. there is no way microsoft is coming to an end. hilarious

    • @Randy Bell: Randy (and everyone else): remember this…if Microsoft had attempted what Apple does, they would probably be out of business due to the ubiquitous lawsuits; namely, building a personal computer in which the OS and the hardware are specifically (and proprietarily) designed to work as a single unit. Apple has opened the door a tiny crack by allowing alternative central processors (Intel) and alternative graphics processors (ATI) into the mix, but an Apple owner STILL has to take their product to the Apple store for any “repairs” and/or “upgrades”. Meanwhile, Microsoft allows use of just about every third-party hardware or software on the market, which contributes to both the “bugginess”, as well as to the massive driver library that must be written into the OS base code. When you consider that 90-98% of all corporate networks are Windows-based, and the fact that Apple products are notoriously difficult to incorporate into these networks, it adds even more fun to the conversation.

    • I agree too. That's why I decided to get a mid-2011 Mac Mini for $599 which is the cheapest Mac computer available but I love the fact that it's more stable than Windows. Don't get me wrong though, I still use Windows almost everyday. In fact, I use Windows 8 on my laptop and I just love it. And you're right about the part where PC's can do "the very same thing", but every version of Windows that I've used started acting up about a year in and then I start getting BSOD's and it's a pain to try and fix a problem like that. I'll always stay with Windows but until they can make an OS that rarely crashes (I mean like once a year kind of thing) then I'd be really happy and I'd definitely trust it more but for now I'll keep using my Mac Mini which I think was worth the money.

    • I have stayed from being an iSlave. Macs are expensive, you cant upgrade them yourself. PCs are cheaper and you can fiddle with hardware endlessly. Why would anybody lock themselves into a guilded iCage??? I am proudly non-Mac

    • I love Windows (don't get me wrong) but I have to admit that OS X is a leapfrog jump in stability. I've never had any problems where the computer suddenly becomes unresponsive like I've gotten with Windows over the years – also known as a blue screen. I still use Windows because I'm not one that can only use one platform but for my important tasks I do use the Mac for that. And PC's are cheap but sometimes paying a little more can go a long way and $600 isn't that bad compared to the 1000's of dollars you'd normally pay for either a Macbook Pro, Air or an iMac.. And actually you can upgrade certain parts of the Mac depending on which Mac you've got. For me I have the Mac Mini and I can upgrade the hard drive and/or the RAM so this notion that you can't upgrade mac's is not true for certain macs'. I think the newer MacbookPro laptops are hard to upgrade but I can't confirm that. And last I checked I was wasn't locked into anything.. I am proudly 'bi-techual' (a spin-off of the word bi-sexual). It means I don't just like Windows, but I also love Mac.

    • Excuse me? Last I checked I didn't think with blinders or a cult? I use a PC with Windows 8 and a Mac Mini with Mountain Lion and another laptop with Ubuntu and I'm quite happy with that. Maybe you could try writing good quality comments instead of shitty one's like this.

  30. I usually simply read and do a lot of “lurking” and am usually not one to post on these technical topics, but this one struck a sore spot with me.
    Before I comment on the subject, let me say that I wish all who post [on this or any forum] could write more clearly, correct their spelling errors before posting and write complete sentences. I don’t do txt-ing and so need clarity to understand.
    At one time [1986-1996] I was a “power Mac” user at my job where 90% of the computers were PCs with DOS and the early Windows OS’s. I even had 2 Mac’s at home. After I retired, my budget for computers at home was severly cut, and under the recommendation of my son, who is really a PC guru in his own right, I bought a PC with Win98. Believe me, the transition was tough, but replacing and upgrading when equipment either dies or won’t support the new Windows is now more affordable. Mac prices are way out of my league now.
    I am more likely to build my own desktop than buy something already configured and loaded with “bloatware” and unnecessary junk. At my son’s suggestion, I tried Open Office and liked it, but since I was unable to convince my wife to use it [she is technologically challenged and I had to solve even the simplest issues she had] I did not convert all our work to us it. Perhaps on my next replacement/upgrade I may be able to do so.
    Win7 is the most stable I have seen from Microsoft, and they are very good about correcting problems with their online auto-update service, although sometimes it is a little inconvenient that you get updates and have to restart in order for some updates to become effective.
    My biggest complaint is that sometimes a new version of Windows will make all your applications obsolete and you have to invest several hundred more dollars to upgrade to a new version in order to stay productive, but I guess that is the price of progress.
    I know that perhaps I am a little naive as I have been away from the industry for nearly 18 years but, in MY IDEAL WORLD, hardware platforms and Operating Systems except for the BIOS would be interchangeable and applications behaviour and interfaces would all be transparent to the hardware and you could choose an OS from any maker.
    Okay — so shoot me down!!

    • gppatnude:
      I agree on your comment on usage of correct spelling and grammar, however you missed one yourself. “all our work to us it. ” I believe you meant to say “use.”
      As for the topic at hand, I disagree with the column as well. I will probably never have an Apple product. I do have an Android phone, might look at a Windows phone next time. Purchasing of any phone set depends on all factors involved, including its price. I might have an Android tablet someday, depends on the price and if I can justify it in the first place, at present I have no real need for such an item. It would be another toy. I am still running XP on my desktop at home and here at work we are slowly converting to W7. I probably will upgrade my desktop to a laptop with docking station, if economically feasible someday. The desktop, at present runs well. It is a MCPC,a nd in W8 MC is a separate product, so I will opt to stay where I am.

    • Puntuation, spelling, and composition is normally not the subject. I don’t do txt-ing either. Neither do I text. I do type poorly, and make many “typo” errors (such as “txt”)which I try to correct, and I miss many errors. I am sure others do also. I used to dictate hundreds of busness letters per week at a companny that demanded perfection, and had to puntuate and spell for the typest while dictating. Many a professor, and english teacher, on seeing my professional writting, have commented on how it was exactly what they wanted their students to learn. I could agree with you BUT … These are not formal business letters, nor english homework. They are informal thoughts from average persons that take the time to write their opinions about the original sunject. Even incorrectly spelled words, and disconnected, or incomplete, thoughts can be understoood by most people. It’s really not a place for grammer critiques. I could type this in word, spell check, grammer check, (Which, by the way, do not meet my criteria) then copy and past when corrected.. but what a waste of time when I can just type. (errors or not)

  31. Microsoft had to spend time fighting the government’s attempt at restricting Windows. It makes you think what would have happened if Microsoft did not have to fight those battles. Would Microsoft have spent more time thinking about new ideas than protecting their old ideas? If so, here’s an example of the destructive nature of government thinking.

  32. I remember when people were talking about Apple and its Mac computer disappearing, and that Microsoft ruled the world. Who knew about new inventions? Now we have a search engine website with more revenue than the TV networks combined without a need to produce content.

  33. I use my Acer PC laptop every day for personal and business use. I also have two other desktop computers that I use for business and for back up by the latter. I have an iPad and and iPhone. While I enjoy using both I consider them to be mostly toys regarding the applications and mostly use them for keeping up with my email when I am away from my office. I have built all of my desktop PCs as I need to for improved systems. I would never pay for an Apple computer when I make a PC so inexpensively. I have no complaints with either my XP or Windows 7 operating systems that I am very familiar with and like how they operate. I use ESET to keep my business computer safe and PC Pitstop for my laptop and back-up XP computer and have had no problems with viruses and malware. I do not see any future for an Apple computer for my self.

    • Having XP as a backup is a good idea, but you should really consider at least upgrading to 7 because XP is becoming really obsolete now and it's over 10 years old. And you could get a Mac Mini for only $600 which is not bad compared to the normal prices which range from over $1000 to well-over $2000.

    • Devon Tourond I have another use for the XP machine; gaming with older games that don't work on the newer Windows operating systems. Old does not necessarily mean replace if it is still working fine (besides the XP computer itself is actually a new build). Why pay $600 when you can have a really nice PC for $400 and have the fun of building it. The reason the PC will never be replaced by Apple is because there is no such thing as an Apple clone although there might be an exception out there somewhere.

    • Devon Tourond, I have another use for the XP machine; gaming with older games that don't work on the newer Windows operating systems. Old does not necessarily mean replace if it is still working fine (besides the XP computer itself is actually a new build). Why pay $600 when you can have a really nice PC for $400 and have the fun of building it. The reason the PC will never be replaced by Apple is because there is no such thing as an Apple clone. But did I speak too soon? There is one sold in California called the Quo Computer; see,

    • Well my two primary computers is my Mac Mini and my laptop running Windows 8 and I have 2 other laptops. One which is about 6 years old and runs Ubuntu 12.04 and the really old one that's almost 11 years old and sports a built-in floppy disc is currently running XP for 2 reasons: 1 it doesn't require lots of memory to run even it's not the fastest, and 2 because (just like you) I like to play old games that can't run on Windows 7 or later. I don't think the PC will be replaced by Apple but as far as clones are conserned; there are ways to install Mac OS X on a PC and a PC that runs OS X is called a Hackintosh.

  34. I don't know if Johan is right about your hatred of Microsoft. Personally, I think they are a great company. Let's imagine the world without MS. We would have Apple, a company of control freaks (starting with the late, brilliant Steve Jobs) and we would have one way of doing things on the computer and related devices – the Apple way; no thanks. And, then there's Google. A company that seems to think everyone who uses their stuff has a degree in computer science. But, even worse than that – none of their products ever has a finished feel.

    So, give me Microsoft all day. They may not be first out the gate, but you get quality and an open system when they do arrive. And, they are the reason there is an Apple, a Google, an Intel, an HP, a Dell…

  35. Well people, if you followed Microsoft to date, you would had seen and probably know first hand that they have only made 4 realy good operating systems to date and they are WIN98SE, WIN2000PRO, WINXP PRO and potentially WIN7PRO, the rest were all bad in my book, the problem is that they all attract viruse’s, I honestly think that this was build into them for future revenue. you do not see MAC or APPLE under attack, true and apple on the average cost 4 times as much but they are efficient just like Windows was once upon a time. Just look at what you expect in the future, you use to need 20mb of memory and 50ghz to go online but now you need no less than that of 512 with 1000ghz and that falls short, just look at what you have to look forward to. If you buy a computer today with a3.6 processor and 4000mhz not to mention a harddrive of over 250GB, in 5 years they will be absolete. Again, the bottom-line is the mighty buck is what is going to come above not what we the consumer thinks, than and again they are my point of view along with millios of others. Now you take this new Windows 8, It might work and it will probably be or not be the operating system of tomorrow bt it is a hug just like vista was in it’s era with the exception that this consumes 300mhz more on memory and processor, this of course is a low estimation. the bottom-line is that Microsoft has it’s work cut out for them and you can’t count them out yet

    • @Walt: Actually the worst virus on the planet currently (Flashback Trojan) has no preference of OS. Yes, your mighty Apple OS is just as vulnerable as any Microsoft OS. Virus attacks have always been aimed at the biggest market share, which has always been and still is Windows, but the times – they are a changing.

    • Walt: “Just look at what you expect in the future, you use to need 20mb of memory and 50ghz to go online but now you need no less than that of 512 with 1000ghz and that falls short, just look at what you have to look forward to. If you buy a computer today with a3.6 processor and 4000mhz not to mention a harddrive of over 250GB, in 5 years they will be absolete” There is no such thing as a 1000 GHz processor, I think you have your units of measure off by a factor of 1000. If you look around you MIGHT find a 4 or 5 GHz processor. A 1000MHz processor is a 1 GHz processor, 1000 Ghz is 1 THz, as a 1000 GB hard drive is a 1TB hard drive. The proceesor speed was slowed down and not further speeded up 2-3 years ago.
      What you are saying is true, you have to keep upgrading your processor and RAM and HD space to use the modern programs. If one were to stick with W 3.11 and Office 3, etc. then you wouldn’t need to upgrade. As an example, I have an older (5-6 years old) laptop that was exremely slow, so I upgraded the memory from 250 MB to !GB RAM and it is amazing how much faster it is.

  36. Around 1910-1920 ….people were ‘last nailing’ ..horses as the standard for transportation….Today there are more horses alive than ever in history…lol
    In the early 1960’s Dad was sure all the rail tracks would be pulled up and trucks would haul everything …to day Rail Roads are overloaded and struggling to keep up with business….
    Hand Saws are still sold in spite of power saws of every kind.
    People adapt at “Human speed’ ….to newness of any kind….
    You guys at PC….are overloaded with electronic-ness coming at ya at warp 9 speed and sometimes yer perspective is a little outta balance at times…
    NO… Steve Jobs was driven but he did not have all the answers and neither does Bill Gates team .
    Rolls-Royce still makes “The Best Car in the World ‘ though …grins

  37. Microsoft needs to stay alive. Regardless of how you feel, it is still the global standard, and Apple won't be able to replace the personal computer on the personal or enterprise level. Mobility is mobility, and at home PC… an at home PC

    • I like your way of thinking and I agree. No matter how successful the mobile market becomes I wouldn't want to do all my work on a little device or on a tablet. Desktop computers are meant to handle large loads of work so if you need that much power, you're better off using a PC than some tiny mobile device.

    • Absolutely. Plus, Apple would never be the global standard. That writer always seems to think Microsoft is going to fail. Shallow thinking, as all he seems to think about is the personal user. What about federal, corporate, etc? They might use Apple mobile apps, but anything ahead of the personal user will never use Apple machines for systems. The idea of Microsoft failing simply does not make sense.

    • Devon, in regards to earlier, I wasn't referring to being against your argument. We're in agreement on this issue, I was referring to Darren about the global standard.

  38. I will admit Apple makes some good, aesthetically-pleasing, consumer-friendly products, and their marketing campaigns have been largely crushing the slow-to-catch-up competition; however, I personally find their whole cult of personality, upscale coffee shop/boutique approach just too shallow & off-putting to buy into, & IME too many of Apple’s customers tend to be smug, hipster fanboy-evangelists who can’t discuss tech without trying to make you feel like an idiot for not joining their iCult.

  39. Comment on my last comment. I hate to get into he said, she said where it pertains to whom is better, however I can remember back in the early 80’s when all this was just starting how indignant apple was over the mac and asking $2500.00 (real money) for a machine that had the SECOND GUI technology that Jobs stole from Xerox. If you remember, the original Apple computers were about as functional as the Altaires that Gates and Allen were writing code for. Granted, most great technologies are a combination of ripping of one or more ideas in succession, but really, Apple is no innovator. What kept them alive for many years, was the streamlined o.s. for music and video producion…and it’s great, really great. Microsoft went after a bigger market share and proved to be right on in their assessment. If not for the open source approach, I believe we would not have the innovation we have today. Jobs’ arrogance almost killed Apple. Again, he was
    ressurected (and rightly so) with the iMac.
    A good machine that sold for the right price, however it took him 15 years to get there. All the while, I was running my PC and getting the job done very affordably. At this point I have built many machines with windows and I can honestly say that this last one (machine) rivals ANY you can get from Apple. Music, Graphics and business apps are running very well on win 7 and I look forward to MS improving in the future.
    at 636.00 per share, I’d sell my Apple stock and get out…quick.

  40. Comment on my last comment. I hate to get into he said, she said where it pertains to whom is better, however I can remember back in the early 80’s when all this was just starting how indignant apple was over the mac and asking $2500.00 (real money) for a machine that had the SECOND GUI technology that Jobs stole from Xerox. If you remember, the original Apple computers were about as functional as the Altaires that Gates and Allen were writing code for. Granted, most great technologies are a combinatio of ripping of one ore more ideas in succession, but really, Apple is no innovator. What kept them alive for many years, was the streamlined o.s. for music and video producion…and it’s great, really great. Microsoft went after a bigger market share and proved to be right on in their assessment. If not for the open source approach, I believe we would not have the innovation we have today. Jobs’ arrogance almost killed Apple. Again, he was ressurected (and rightly so) with the iMac.
    A good machine that sold for the right price, however it took him 15 years to get there. All the while, I was running my PC and getting the job done very affordably. At this point I have built many macines with windows and I can honestly say that this last one (machine) rivals ANY you can get from Apple. Music, Graphics and business apps are running very well on win 7 and I look forward to MS improving in the future.
    at 636.00 per share, I’d sell my Apple stock and get out…quick.

  41. I would not sell Microsoft short right now the wars between who going to dominate the market shares of the table trust me Microsoft will enter the market which will appeal to extremely large percentage groups of buyers / I will be one of those buyers when I feel it the right time now I am just waiting on Win/8.

  42. This article misses the big point about Microsoft: they will win in the Enterprise (and likely other places, as well). Windows 8 and Surface is what every IT manager and corporate denizen dreams of in a tablet: the power of a laptop, physical keyboard, sleekness of an iPad, MS Office, and IT controls via Active Directory and Group Policy. None of the products bearing iOS and Android have laptop power and offer management via common IT methods. Yes, Microsoft is late to the mobile party. But they’re late with a product that’s right for people that want their tablet to do everything their laptop can plus everything we’ve come to expect in a tablet. Plus, they’ve done something with Windows 8 that none of their competitors have accomplished to date–unified the code base across mobile, PC, and server. Can we even begin to imagine how that eases the burden on software developers? Windows 8 may indeed be a nail in a coffin, but don’t expect Microsoft to be inside.

    • @Nathan: Well put Nathan. I’ve been using Windows 8 (albeit the consumer preview) for several months, I love it. I also have an Android Phone, and 3 Android Tablets. And Apple is not getting into the real business world, large corporations have special programs they need to run, my business could never run the software they need to on an Apple. These special programs are all built around the MS platform. MS will continue to own the large business market, and frankly that’s probably where they make most of their money.
      So they are losing some end user market to tablets, Apple is not getting much (if any) of that. From what I read, most Ipad users are not happy with the locked down versions of the Ipad and are “jailbreaking” them anyway. When I was shoping for a tablet I read up quite a bit and money was not an issue for me, but I chose the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for several reasons, the Google Play store has thousands of great games and apps, Netflix, 4G with hotspot capability. All very nice features, and most of which I could have gotten from an Ipad.

  43. Open source will always be omni-present, MS just sucks and Apple, much like every single company before it has done, will die a slow withering death at the hands of the bean counters who now run it.

    • Microsoft does not 'suck' and could you be a little more specific as to why you think it 'sucks'? And Apple is the #1 company in the world right now with over 600+ billion dollars so I'm pretty sure that they won't die anytime soon (at least as long as we're alive)..

  44. At the end of the day, you (in theory) get what you pay for? But after saying that, Apple's Mac / Ipad / Iphone are way overpriced. It's claimed that the Mac is a virus free OS, then can someone please tell me why there's Anti-virus software out there for Apple's Mac OS? Nothing's 100% safe. What has taken off (and well done to Googles marketing) is the Andriod OS. More Andriod OS based phones are sold than any other phones.
    I don't think Microsoft is too worried at this present time. It's doing it's own thing and I'm sure it will produce an even better OS in the near future. Vista was rubbish when it was first released and I think Microsoft have learnt from this. Windows 7 was better for it. Remains to be seen if Windows 8 is a vast improvement on W7, only time will tell.
    The only way I would consider going for Apple's Mac only when I see the price of their products come down.

    • I have an Imac and I will never go back to a pc . So far I have saved about £150 by not having to buy Anti-virus software. I have never picked up a virus . Also you get all the new versions of the OS for free so you save money there as well .

      • Oi Kev, you done your computing on the old BBC computers at school? lol
        I remember you doing these pictures with the letters and numbers, from a distance it looked like a black and white photo. One , i remember you doing was a page 3 girl and you got into trouble over it. pmsl

      • How do you know that you don’t have a virus? Saying that you have n ever had a virus ( that you know about) does not mean that there are not viruses out there that will attack a MAC That’s why they sell anti virus programs for MAC. You would be amazed at how unnoticable many of them are. They can be working in the back ground doing things you don’t want. Like stealing your ID and your money. Not all viruses shut down your computer.

        Anyone can be virus free MAC or MS PC SImply stay off the internet, (never have one) never use blue tooth or wireless, and never put private programs or data from a cd, mem chip or dvd on your computer. (Use only safe disks from the program manufacturer) When not in use, shut the power off the computer. Don’t let anyone but you use it.

    • had my mac for ages and it's allways been 100 times better than costs more but you get what you pay for.get a mac and creative mastersuite and you'll never look back,well worth paying the extra for the power mac though! and get the cinie screen

    • Kevin, you have not gotten a virus yet, there are mac virii out there and as the mac user population grows the people creating virii will shift their vision towards you too. After all remember that trojan that infected hundreds of thousands of macs?

    • Canadian Bones was that the one that happened this year? I think it was sometime march or may, there was an outbreak for the mac this virus was spreading like wildfire lol, mac needs an anti-virus to lol

    • andy…if you had mac for ages, then how can you even compare the two? i would never support i crap just on price alone. i have never used mac, my pc has always been great, fast, and reliable.

    • so it looks like we have declared war? mac lovers v windows pc lovers? I'm happy with the windows 7 based computers, does the job what i want it for. If you're happy with a Mac then, what the hell? All that i look for is value for money? personally (although I haven't tried a mac) i think Apple's taking the p? overpriced? when you look (like for like, ie: graphic cards, gb memory etc) windows comes out a lot better value. As some contributors have mentioned on this forum, the mac DOES get virus's? Nothing's safe and / or secure (as we all like it to be).

    • @Kevin Stuart Taylor – You need to remember that no OS is safe. Windows isn't safe, Mac OS X isn't safe and there will be a time (if it hasn't already happened) when Linux OS's will get viruses too. You're better off being safe than sorry, trust me.
      I don't get what you said about getting all the new versions of the OS for free. My Mac Mini came with Lion when I bought it and I had to pay to get Mountain Lion.

    • @Darren Lennard – That war's been going on way longer than you think.. I think my biggest pet peeve is when people say that Windows is better or Mac is better when they clearly stated that they haven't tried one or the other. If you haven't tried it then you can't say one is better, it just doesn't work that way. My first computer was a PC running Windows but I honestly believe that using both Mac and Windows is the best thing to do and however you plan on doing that is up to you. And not all Mac's are insanely expensive. I got my Mac Mini for $600 which is less than what I paid for my laptop which I think was a little over $700.

    • @Devon Tourounf I'm gonna agree with this guy lol, no OS is 100% safe especially if you dont know how to protect yourself, at the end of the day a lot of it is down to the user. if the user is clicking on any old spam links in their email and installing any old software they find on the internet without any knowledge they gonna get their info stole or a virus lol. Even Linux has had virus's in the past I think currently there have been around 600 virus's made for linux but non are "in the wild" luckily, they couldnt infect and spread enough to survive lol. Linux has its own form of protection to, might not be an anti-virus but its there lol, firewall, apparmor etc. I the best somebody may say is "My system is more secure" maybe, but to say your immune lol, its ignorant 😛

    • Devon Tourond I'm with you on that one Devon. I haven't tried a mac. The only reason for it is the overpricing of the product. I look for reviews on certain products so i can get an overview of what people think but generally don't go too cheap. Perhaps one day i'll go down to a local store and take a look at a mac but for the moment, i'm happy with what i have. Windows 7.

    • @Darren Lennard Well like I said, you could get a Mac for $600 and there are some desktops and laptops that are more expensive than that. If you ever want a try out Mac you wouldn't regret it. The user experience is great and just like with Windows I was wow'd and I think using both is a really great combo. For all the work, gaming and experimenting I do I need to use both platforms and I like it because it gives you a better view than some stupid OS war that most others like to think of MS & Apple as.

    • Yeah, having knowledge with PC and Mac is good to have. Most people who jump the boat on love this hate that probably haven't used the other side in years. Being an IT tech, I can't allow myself to work on just one product. Best to learn about them both.

  45. I would NEVER by from Apple Why? closed systems, no ability to repair or change hardware and IF you have a problem, good luck finding the aftermarket parts. You’ll become a slave to Apple. Buddy of mine had to replace the M/B on a G4 and paid $900.00 My opinion? Forget Apple, they’ll be out first. Most Geeks LOVE to build their own (myself included) Tons of software choices and $99 for a System upgrade sure beats the prices I’ve seen that Apple wants for O.S. upgrades. Want a battery for the ipad? $109.00 and THEY have to install it. It’s the stupid toys that attact buyers. Soon, there will be a glut of all these stupid toys by every manufacturer on the planet availble for way less. I’m not in love with Microsoft, but I like the way they let me make the choices.

  46. wow how wrong u are I bought an apple laptop almost twice the money for what i would have gpt a pc if I would spend the money on a pc for what i spend on the apple I would have need it seat belts to run it,also the tech support from apple bad out of 5 calls I only got one guy who new a little and was willing to help and yes make sure you dont have any problems before 6 pm because apple close my printer would not work on the apple ,my aol software either, and had lots of comparable issues too, the only that was just a little better wa the screen andalso so many other things that it will take a book just to show you that microsoft is a better company you can run safari in the pc try to run IE on an apple

  47. I think Apple computers are WAY OVER Priced for what they are and for what they do. They are fantastic for graphics, but for anything else I’d rather have an IBM clone any day. I know I will receive a lot of flack for this next statement — I find apple computers a pain in the backside to use. YUCK!!!

    • Tom, I totally agree with you. Apple computers (Mac)are way too pricey for what they are. A lot of people take a pop at Windows but for a fraction of the price you can still get just as good graphics, the OS (if managed properly)is fit for purpose and the audio sound (in my ears) is better than the Mac. One thing that the Windows has over the Mac is this? You take a look at all the upgrades you can get for both OS’s and you will see that the Windows OS upgrades outshines the Mac OS by at least 4 – 1? That’s a fact? There’s talk of processor with added internet security within the system which could become available on a Windows OS. I believe that intel are developing this right now, so when it does come, I think Apple will be doing the catch up not the other way round.

  48. I have no desire to get a apple computer. I use a 4.5 ghz, 16gigs of ram desktop with a 27 inch monitor for processing photo images taken with a high res dslr camera, and use photoshop and light room. The tif files are 100-200MB and the raws are 45-50 MB. I need terabytes of storage. I build my own machines.
    I use a phone to to make calls…thats it. I have no desire to squint at the tiny screen of a smart phone, and I call, I dont text. A tablet is worthless for my photo processing. Too small, inaccurate color.
    Windows 8 doesnt sound attractive at this point. Windows 7 works just fine. I havent looked at Windows 8, but from what I hear I dont see any attraction.
    So, in the future, what are we who need a substancial desk top supposed to use? Macs are way over priced, and cant perform nearly as well as the high performance machines I can build for much less money.

    • Yes, you can build computers for less or for more, but now Apple finally has aps for persons who work with data, and more. I have owned 30 IBM/Microsoft machines since 1980. and when people call me now, I tell them to go with a system which is easier to learn, menus are logical, and new software is being developed on a system that the management never looked at until their kids started using Apple products, and they, and those kids, will be working on a system and on a name that they know now, instead of the Office software and its ribbon command structure. Most of us spend too much time on our jobs to get into building our own hardware solutions. I knew An Wang’s son, and he was told the Globe Newspaper that he had a billion in the bank, and a software/hardware base which was not going anywhere. About seven months later, Wang went into bankruptcy, and a large manufacturing facility with a 20 story admin building in Lowell, Mass. was sold the next year for $150,000.

  49. The smaller is better trend will peak out. I can type better than 40 wpm on my keyboard but only about 10 on my smartphone. I love my desktop, but am ready to ditch my smartphone. Just learned recently about the ARM OS on a chip technology used by cell phones migrating to tablets… Windows 8 is at the right time for this, but Win7 will be around for quite a while.
    I liked WinXP but Win7 is much better. Think about how long WinXP has been around. A lot of people still using it. Takes better hardware to run Win7, but as old hardware ages and is replaced, Win7 is there to meet the need. I stopped complaining about M$FT when XP came out… but not interested in Win8 at all, at least for the time being. I run a small business so I don’t think desktops will be replaced by a toy phone except in small circles.
    The versatility in Windows PCs did result in some frustrations, but I put up with that rather than be married to Apple. I abandoned Apple when they unilaterally dropped support for the IIGS and tried to force the MAC on their customers. The thousands of $$$ in software evaporated overnite. Made the decision to not let that happen again and went to Windows exclusively and never looked back. Not enough software choices (in my opinion) to consider Linux.

    • @retread: Well if you are comparing your smartphone to your desktop as a typing device then yes I would use the desktop. But many of us “real worlders” actually have to leave the house occasionally. That said, we need something while traveling to aid us in communicating. and you should find out a little more about Windows 8 before you comment about it. From what I see, Windows 8 is giving you all the functionality of Windows 7 and also allowing you greater mobility options. Change is inevitable, either be part of it, or hide from it…

  50. gary chase is dumb if he thinks apple has the best graphics, that shows his intelligence, and as far as this whole article goes its just garbage, tablets WILL NEVER replace a desktop, never. tablets and smart phones are just great to have, just like they will never replace a home theatre, and any of you who honestly believe that, well maybe you should get out more. jeeze.

  51. I am happy that there is competition. No longer is there one ring to rule them all. I do have a problem with apple trying to put android out of business and become the one ring. The free market everyone yelps about demands competition of it is no longer the free market.
    I am a windows pc user (win 7) and find it very stable and very usable. I don't have to know more code than Bill gates to use it.

    • Totally agree with you Brad. Apple has always tried to knockout the competition either by trying to buy it out or making out their OS is surpreme to the rest. As for virus free OS, are they having a laugh? Nothing's 100% virus free, nothing can touch the OS. As i have said on a previous comment, if this is correct can Apple please explain to everyone why there's anti virus protection software for Mac's on the market? If it's impossible to get a virus on a Mac then what's the point of a 3rd party company producing an anti virus program for their OS?

    • @Brad VanHorn – Windows 7 is a big step-up from Windows Vista. Hell, any OS could be a step-up from Vista, but Windows 7 still has a few little bugs to fix but it's significantly less than Vista or XP. About half a year after I got my laptop running 7 I started getting the traditional BSOD and I could not for the life of me figure out where it was coming from. That's why I upgraded to Windows 8 RP, and I have not been disappointed so far. I'm not dissing Windows 7, I love it and it is one of my favorite OS's from Microsoft (along with 3.0, 95, XP, and 8). It just needs a little bit more work. Other than that I love it.

    • @Patrick David Thomas – Well I am a personal user so I know more about the personal aspect than the corporate.. But I'm not like the writer. The writer is hating on Microsoft, I'm not hating. If I hated Microsoft I wouldn't be using Windows.

    • I apologize, in on your side with opinions. I was referring to Darren about Mac being virus free. I'm 100 percent on yourside of the argument. I was taking to Darren

    • I never had a problem with VIsta or Win 7. I have 2 laptops that run vista and a desktop on 7. I use them pretty heavily, but never seen the problems others describe. But my real point is the competition issue

    • Well I guess if it works don't knock it, right? But I've had so many problems with Vista. If it wasn't driver issues, it was blue screens, or conflicts with software.. After fixing most of the issues I've probably gotten some grey hairs somewhere from all the stress I had trying to fix it fast at the time.

  52. I can foresee desktops being replaced by laptops to a degree, but it’s unlikely desktops will be replaced by something which requires good vision to peruse and small fingers to use. Microsoft held a legal market domination for over two decades. Saying that Microsoft’s succeeding versions required faster computers is akin to asking which came first – the chicken or the egg. They were designed to accommodate faster machines under development. My opinion of Microsoft’s products is that they do the job, nothing more. Despising the person who helped put an affordable computer into your home is like spiting the person who builds and maintains the roadways in your area. And sometimes, hardware can be problematic, too.

  53. I bought a iPad last year and I was so impressed with the the function and the friendly and no junk commercials popping up that I also bought a desktop and a lapptop apple computer and I will not go back to windows.

    • I am a long time Windows sufferer but have not gone to Apple because I like to tinker and try out different software and use a lot of C/net type downloaded software for specialized uses. The two things that I think about Apple is that much of that software will not be available and it will be like buying Avon or Mary Kay and getting the name but being overpriced for what it does.

    • buying a pre-manufactured computer comes with bloatware, build one yourself and you will not have that until you start loading it up with "free" programs that depend on them to be free. there are ways around it though, instead of just hitting next next next when installing something on a pc watch what you are clicking, usually there is a radio box to unclick so you dont get another program installed, also programs like spybot S&D helps remove them and even ads a bit of protection against them.

    • I agree with you, plus building your own computer is easy to do for anyone, you just plug in the different parts and are good to go. Help is available on the internet too. I feel SpyBot is past its prime, new version coming, and recommend Malwarebytes or SUPERAntiSpyware which are both free. For antivirus, go with Microsoft Security Essentials. The thing that a desktop excels at and tablets don't is games. No room on a tablet for a 4 Gig game, and the graphics card won't do.

    • I'm sorry to burst anyone's bubble but the iPad isn't really an innovative product. It's basically a bigger iPod Touch or iPhone with better specs. and a bigger screen. Other than that, you get pretty much the same things on the iPod Touch or the iPhone.

      And as for "commercials popping up". When you get a PC you can remove any programs you want (as long as it's not a program that ties-in with the system-itself). Besides the 'commercials' you mentioned what do you dislike about Microsoft, or just Windows?

  54. linux is only stable as the person who uses, my year with a ubuntu felt more akin to teaching a cat to jump through a hop. installing can be complicated and you get some who does not know what they are doing you can easily break it, but in the right hands it can sing. Apple os is design specificly for the hardware in the case and while updated the os can be cheap and easy, updating the hardware is not. Windows biggest strength is its biggest weakness. It is designed to work with a wide hardware and software but its not always as smoothly one hopes.

  55. There is an alternative: Linux Ubuntu. It is a learning curve to use but at least it is stable and open source. Micro Soft shot themselves in the foot. Putting operating systems on the market with bugs in them and then changing the OS version every couple of years requiring more RAM and bigger hard drives to accommodate the bulging OS. As for mobile devices, they are all prone to hackers. Nothing is secure on a wireless system.

    • I also just heard about something called Puppy Linux. small and quick but it is very similar to Windows. Does anyone know about this?

    • @Byron: Hey Byron – My computer guy, John, says same thing – Linux is what he uses. He has seen it all, worked for DEC in The Beginning. Thing is, a lot of users just need a simple system so we go with Windows – and the Apple “toys” just seem silly. Mainly money makers. People get hooked, lemmings to the sea! Strange creatures these humans.

  56. When I read all the great stuff the new Transformer Prime would do. I went out and bought one. Its running ICS and its not really hard but its so different that every time you try to do something on it. You have to really think about it. I finally bought a i pad and I love it. Its so much easier to use. But buying a Mac book is another story. I don’t know anyone who works on them and I hate to have to send my computer in to have it repaired. When it comes to windows you can find people all over the place to help you get them fixed and not have to give away your first born to pay for it. For now I will stick with my windows laptop and use my i pad for playing games and watching movies. My Transformer Prime barely gets used. And I have already had to send it back for a repair. And its only 4 months old. Most people I know all use Windows and that’s it. I’ll stick with Windows.

  57. My next computer will be an Apple.
    Tired of getting rushed out software that finally get fixed correctly, when the NEW one comes out.
    And nothing from the old computer will work on the new one.
    Vista was it for me.
    Never purchase Microsoft again.

  58. Having used Ubuntu Linux for several years now,I can say that the ONLY reason I still use Windows OS is most programs/games are written for windows. I’ve used Linux for two years now as a dual boot. Everything about it is way better than windows os. If companies would start writing for Linux windows would get kicked to the curb real quick. What’s really funny is ask someone using an Apple system if they use linux and you’ll get a well defined NO. Yet Apple os’s are just another Linux System. Gary Chase’s last sentence says it all. Windows is really only used because of market saturation.

    • @Don Lee: Hey Don – Yes, I’ve been away from the “biz” for a while, but as I recall, they are all based on Unix. Man, that goes back to the old mainframe era. But, now we have the power to run that stuff on a PC. I’m looking a Linux for my next system.

    • What is with this guy and his overwhelming hate for Microsoft.. My first computer was a PC running Windows and I do currently use a Mac Mini as my primary computer but I still use my laptop running Windows 8 RP everyday and I love it and just because I got an Apple computer that doesn't mean that I had to give up Windows. It's not about Windows vs. Mac anymore, it's about using both of 'em to get the best out of what you want/need to do.

  59. Linux – stable – free – good.
    Apple/Mac-expensive-stable- graphics, the best.
    Windows, bug laden, expensive, unstable, had great marketing-use it only because of market saturation.

    • I'd like to correct you on the Windows part. It isn't all bug laden. Sure, Vista was a nightmare and should of never been released but Microsoft has made major improvements by releasing 7, and now soon-to-be Windows 8. Not all versions (except for Vista) are unstable. So far I think the OS's that are the most stable is Windows 7 and 8.

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