Our Favorite Tips: What is on Your Windows Clipboard?

Tip submitted by rrelleum on August 1, 2012

What is on Your Windows Clipboard?

Have you ever wondered what Windows has stored on your Windows Clipboard, which is where Windows temporarily stores content that you have copied for pasting or other use.

Well if you are using Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010, the Clipboard Viewer is listed just underneath the Home tab.

Click on it and you will see your complete clipboard content.

Clicking on any portion of the stored content will automatically paste it into the active (open) Word window.

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2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Tips: What is on Your Windows Clipboard?

  1. I was hoping to find information about what is stored on the clipboard from your article: What is on Your Windows Clipboard?. I want to check an older desktop with XP and Microsoft word 2003.

    • @Carl:
      If you use Win XP: drag clipbrd.exe to the QuickLaunchbar. Then it’s allways available.
      You can find it in C:\WINDOWS\system32.
      If you use Win7: copy it from Win XP to C:\WIN7\system32. Then drag clipbrd.exe to the QuickLaunchbar, or a place where you can reach it fast.
      Or install a Clipboard program.

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