Top 10 New IT Guy Mistakes

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Top 10 New IT Guy Mistakes

Starting a computer repair business is a major and serious endeavor. There’s more to having a business than simply fixing computers or laptops out of your garage. The way you speak, conduct business and accept payment will determine if you are ever called back again. While you don’t need to project yourself as being part of a huge corporate entity, you do need to be professional. The following is a list of our top ten things a new computer tech should not do.

#1 Don’t Use The Word “Geek” In Your Name

Yes, you may be a geek. Yes, big black glasses with white tape on the bridge is hilarious. Short pants are humorous. But the whole “Geek (insert silly name here)” has been used and abused so many times, it’s time to break from that and create a professional name for your business going forward. The word “Geek” just isn’t funny anymore and there are a lot of negative connections with that name and other computer repair companies. A unique business name is essential. With that said, try to avoid names like Dave’s Computer Repair, as the name seems unprofessional. Consider branding your business name and carve a niche in your community that projects trust and dependability.

#2 Don’t Print Your Own Business Cards

People can tell when you print your own business cards, so don’t. The fuzzy perforations around the outside of the card, along with the smudged type tell your clients you’re cheap and unprofessional. You certainly do not need business cards printed on the hides of imported baby seal butts embossed with gold leaf, but you should invest in a box of 500 business cards from your local print shop.

#3 Don’t Use Your Home Phone As Your Business Phone

When a client calls, they want to speak to you or your receptionist–not your eight year old daughter. Nor will they ever leave a voice mail after hearing the family voice recording. Invest in a dedicated land-line or cell phone for your business. It’s a small, but necessary expense.

#4 Don’t Show Up In A Metallica Shirt

Just because you do work out of your garage and you do like Metallica, wearing a Metallica T-shirt to your computer job may not be appropriate. While you’re at it, take out the nose ring and wear a shirt that covers your tats. Even better, you should invest in your own uniform and wear it in the field.

#5 Don’t Install Pirated Software

While it may seem like a great way to save either yourself or your client a few bucks, don’t install software or Operating System upgrades on more than one computer. The customer may not like having to spend $129.00 on Windows, but they will certainly understand when you charge them for a new copy and open it right in front of their eyes.

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