Great Resource for PC Help and Answers

Great Resource for PC Help and Answers

Since 1999, PC Pitstop’s forums have served as a great place to get answers on fixing and tweaking your PC.

Widely regarded as one of the premier troubleshooting resources online, the PC Pitstop Forums are moderated by a team of industry veterans that serve a community of 50,529 registered users.

Find below, just a few of the most popular areas within the forums:

Networking, Email, and Internet Connections
Networking, Internet speed, quality, reliability, tweaks, and Email.

Viruses, Spyware, Adware
Identify and remove stuff you never invited into your PC.

User to User Help
Ask our experts about any computer-related issues.

Tips ‘n’ Tricks
Member supplied suggestions to help keep your PC in top shape.

How to register and the added benefits of being a registered member

To be able to use all the features on the forums, you must register for a free member account. Registration is free and only takes a moment to complete. You also have the option of logging on with your Facebook account information.

Here are some tips for getting fast answers:

Check the frequently asked questions.
Our main site has an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section that covers many issues about PC Pitstop and your test results.

Use the right section.
Before posting, take a look around in each forum to see the questions that are asked and answered there. If there an announcement at the top of the forum, read it for more information.

Use a good topic line.
Topic lines like “Help!” or “A Question” don’t make it easy for people to figure out what you are asking, and they make it even harder for you to find the post later.

Give as much specific information as possible.
Explain what problem you are seeing, and what you have already tried. If there are error messages, post the exact text of the error.

Be polite and patient.
If someone has the answer they will post it. It may take a day or so before you get an answer, but often you’ll have a reply in minutes.

Let people know when the problem is solved.
It helps us to know when the advice we gave was able to solve your problem. Whenever possible, come back and post a reply letting us know how you were able to resolve the problem–whether we were right or wrong!

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2 thoughts on “Great Resource for PC Help and Answers

  1. Your timing is perfect. Later this week, I will be starting as a volunteer at the library offering e-help. Last year, a computer users club did it and if they didn’t know the answer, they didn’t help. I was planning on researching and now I know where to start. I’ve been recommending your site to everyone, including self proclaimed geeks.

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