15 Windows 7 Features Removed from Windows 8

By Anand Khanse

15 Windows 7 Features Removed from Windows 8

When Windows 7 was released, we had seen the list of Windows Vista features which were removed in Windows 7. Microsoft, based on user usage data, decides to enhance or deprecate a feature in the next release of the Windows operating system. Here is a list of some of the major noticeable features which were present in Windows 7, but have been removed in Windows 8.

Windows 7 features removed in Windows 8

1. The first thing any Windows user will notice is that the Start Button has been removed. The Start Menu too has been removed, and replaced with instead the Start Screen, which is the first thing you see when you log in to Windows.

2. Desktop Gadgets have been removed too. And along with it the Sidebar. While the Sidebar existed in Windows 7, it was not β€˜on’ by default.

3. The Windows Explorer has undergone a sea-change. The command bar is gone and replaced with a cool ribbon UI. It is now referred to as File Explorer.

4. You wont see the Games Explorer now. Possibly because the focus is now on Games as Apps, and therefore, Microsoft may have decided to do away with it.

5. The Windows Basic and Windows Classic themes have been removed. The Aero Glass theme with transparent windows borders has been done away with. You now have a Metro UI Style theme with windows borders matching the hue of the wallpaper.

10 More Windows 7 Features Missing in Windows 8


This excerpt is shared with permission from The Windows Club.

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26 thoughts on “15 Windows 7 Features Removed from Windows 8”

  1. Darrel Jed Costales

    how about this the windows blue screen error was changed and booting was also changed it loads first windows 8 and prompts to select if you have dual os.

  2. I don’t have it. Currently I don’t intend to. However, I noted a comment somewhere here that Win8 ‘constantly updates weather, news etc’. If you are unlucky enough to be on 3G, couldn’t this get expensive? In New Zealand, we often see news stories of people who’ve received an enormous bill after using 3G throughout an overseas trip.

  3. i have used most of the os that i could acquire win 7 is the best i have installed on my computer..i put of copy 8 on my computer. it worked real well..but when i go squirrel hunting i don’t take cannon. no thanks Microsoft it is to expensive to pull the trigger on your cannon…oh vista was a bb gun..took it off my computer tossed it in the trash win xp cured that.

  4. Well I have been using computers since 1977.

    I got into hacking in the early 80’s. Thank god all I could afford to hack was computer programs. There was no internet then. There were bulletin boards and some of what we now call e-commerce, but just picking up the phone cost money.

    Of course I had to build my own modem and I have a feeling it was a 110 bits per second back then πŸ™‚ a far cry from today’s megabits per second so everything took time. There was bugger-all security mind you.

    Perhaps it’s because I don’t mind trying new things, or that the glass is half full not half empty, but I love Windows 8.

    I loved Windows 7. The first Windows 8 Beta was a little shaky, but hell that was beta. The Consumer preview had the bugs ironed out. Then the Release Preview was released and it works like a dream.

    I run it on 6 year old laptops, even older boxes, a small netbook and of course my newest build, where it runs very very fast and stable.

    As for people who say it is only for touch screen computers, I spend most of my time on the standard desktop. Occasionally I have to pop back to the METRO screen, as it was called. I just scroll to the app I want or start to type the name of the app that I want. No Problem. I really find it hard to understand why people have an issue with it.

    I can only imagine that these are the same type of people that made men walk in front of cars, when they were first invented, because they went too fast……

    If you don’t like Windows 8, just stay with what you got, just don’t moan about an OS that you can’t be bothered to get to know.

    Hell why don’t we all use UNIX, that’s as stable as.

  5. Good. It was about time they cleaned the OS up a bit. Looks like things no one ever used are gone and things that were working but unfriendly to use got an overhaul.

    Win 8 is by far a more productive platform than 7. I love 7 but I can get things done faster and easier in 8 and that should always be the focus of the OS. To make the machine easier and faster to use so you can be more productive.

  6. Definitely NOT purchasing Windows 8! I wish that my Windows 7 start menu would work again, as well as the fact that I happen to like the ability to put shortcuts on my desktop. It’s called CHOICES. XP was good, Vista…horrible and Windows 7. Glad to have it on my Asus Desktop. It’s just too bad that I still have a palm pilot that using PALM OS, and used to work with XP. Anyone have any ideas how to make it compatible again with Windows 7? All these “new improvements” are well, NOT. I won’t be upgrading for a long, long time. Thanks but no thanks…

  7. It took awhile to make the adjustment from XP to 7 but it was worthwhile. Windows 7 is solid and I don’t plan to upgrade until I have no other options.

  8. Windows 8 is totally unsuitable for the desktop and especially business users.
    It only good for tablets and phones that the totally nerd population like to be constantly fingering as though they are in another world which I expect many of them are.
    XP and Windows 7 are good solid computer systems for the desktop computer and will remain so for many years.Bye bye nerds!!!!

  9. This all sounds fine and dandy if you’re running Windows 8 on a tablet/pad/phone. My main computer is a behemoth, with 15 hard drives, over a dozen fans, an octocore processor running at 4+ GHz and 16 GB of RAM, three video cards running 6 monitors … It runs my security system (12 cameras and an alarm system), controls the climate in my home (A/C, heating and humidity), serves multimedia to the rest of the house, has one screen dedicated to gadgets which makes a full dashboard for my whole computer system & network … etc. You get the idea. Windows 8 is just NOT gonna cut it for my purposes.

    Plus I’m still gun-shy from Vista, were Microsoft basically released a beta that went through FOUR service pack evolutions with the fourth being Windows 7, which they then charged us for. I have a feeling that being as Windows 8 is as radical a departure from the previous OS it’s going to be Vista all over again, with a Windows 9-ish finally released to fix all the stuff that was wrong with Windows 8. And of course we’ll have to pay for both the privilege of beta testing (by buying 8) AND to get the OS with all the rough edges ground off (which will be Windows 9-ish).

    From my point of view, Windows 7 finally got to where a desktop OS should be. It is robust, flexible, reliable and resilient. I demand a lot of performance from my computers (meaning the computer has to do a lot all the time, lots of stuff running on it
    24/7) and Windows 7 is the FIRST OS that I’ve had which can reliably put in 30 days of uptime between patch cycles. I’ve been working in the IT industry for over 30 years and I try to keep up on new developments as best I can. I gotta say, from what I’ve seen of Windows 8 I don’t see a lot there for someone like me. I see Windows 8 as more a matter of Microsoft thumbing it’s nose at serious computer users and I can’t IMAGINE any benefits in the business IT world worth transitioning to Windows 8.

  10. There will never be a window thats as good as XP was. too bad they did away with it. they sure didnt make any better thats for sure. Vista is not bad tho

  11. As if Vista and 7 didn’t take away enough useful XP features…

    I quite like the “Glass” theme in 7. It looks smart. (Metro UI is now known as Modern UI, by the way.)

    The best Windows Explorer was in XP. You could customize it easily, and was always useful and easy to use. File Explorer has the HORRIBLE ribbon toolbar that is too BIG and far less intuitive.

    I won’t be upgrading to 8. I will stay with Windows 7 and XP in a VirtualBox.

  12. Sounds as though they've made into a rubbish new operating system. Not sure that I really want it anymore as it sounds like giant steps backward. Was going to buy a new desktop and new laptop. Think I'll stick with the old ones running 7.

  13. I have used Windows, since it was first implemented. (You may guess my age). As far as I am concerned, XP is all I need. I have recently been forced into using Windows 7, and I find it so complicated to use, compared with previous versions of Windows. I have looked at a beta version of Windows 8 and dread the thought of eventually having to use it.
    It would be great if some organisation would come up with an operating system that was compatable with MS based programs, and that had an interface that is so simple to use, similar to XP. Why Microsoft state in their advertisements that “Windows 7 Simplifies Computing”, is beyond me.

  14. win 95 = crap
    win 98 = good
    win me = crap
    win xp = good
    win vista crap
    win 7 = good
    so can u see a theme here? perhaps i will give 8 a miss – at least for a while

  15. " The command bar is gone and replaced with a cool ribbon UI. "

    Cool? Cool?

    The ribbon UI appears to have been design by a brain dead, blindfolded monkey! It's an absolutely terrible idea, poorly implemented.

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