Copy Blu-Ray Movies to Your PC

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Copy Blu-Ray Movies to Your PC

I have recently upgraded to a Blu Ray player and was wondering if it was possible to rip or copy protected Blu Ray discs like I can with my DVD movies?

To be able to get around the copy protections (BD+, AACS, and other DRM protections) found on Blu Ray discs you must use a decrypter. In other words a piece of software that runs in the background on your Windows 7, Vista, or XP machine and basically decrypts any code placed on a Blu Ray that prevents it from being copied. There are free and paid software solutions currently available including:

  • AnyDVD HD (The leader in Blu Ray decryption)

  • DVDFab Blu Ray Passkey (Another good decrypter and less pricier than AnyDVD)

  • Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper (Free but with limited features. You must already have a Blu Ray player software installed for it to work, like PowerDVD)

  • However, once this is in place you still need a burning software that can correctly read and burn the entire BD disc correctly. You simply can not just copy the contents of the disc from Windows Explorer to your hard drive and burn it using the built-in Windows burner app. I wish it were that simple, but using a proper burning software is essential to make sure the authoring of the disc is in the correct Blu Ray format so when played on a standard Blu Ray player it will be readable and playable.

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