The Blessed B Key

By Ellen Finkelstein

The Blessed B Key

Maybe calling it “blessed” is an exaggeration, but the B key is a great tool to use when you’re delivering a presentation. You simply press the B key on your keyboard. What does it do?

It blacks out the screen. And the W key whites it out. If the room is dimmed, the white screen may seem a little bright, so I recommend using the B key.

Why is it so wonderful? With nothing on the screen, your audience automatically turns their attention to you. It’s simple, but effective. If at any time a slide doesn’t need to be displayed, use the B key.

Many remotes have a key that does the same thing. If you’re using a remote, it’s nice not to have to be next to your laptop when you want to black out the screen.

Exception: Don’t use the B key during a webinar. Instead of turning their attention to you, your audience may check their email and texts.

How do you get back to your slide? Press the B key again. Your slide reappears.

What if you want to go immediately to the next slide?

This post is excerpted with the permission of PowerPoint Tips.

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