Fixing the 5 Most Annoying Printer Problems

By Windows Talk

Fixing the 5 Most Annoying Printer Problems

Whether it be at home or in the workplace, printers are fantastic pieces of equipment that we cannot live without. Simultaneously, they probably cause the highest level of anger towards an inanimate object out of any other machine on the planet. The catalyst for such fury usually stems from the machine not being able to fulfill a seemingly simple task, such as cancelling print jobs when it’s told to do so. In response to such qualms that seem to resonate the world over, we’ve provided a list of five problems and solutions to the most common printer related issues.

#1 My Printer Doesn’t Cancel Print Jobs

The most frustrating of all computer problems. When you send a job to print and the computer doesn’t actually print, you push the cancel button and it stays cancelling for hours. This is because printers work on a spooling method; a queue system which enables you to monitor the print jobs as they happen.
This monitoring is information held within the drivers that include the cancelling function. Often the software fails. The easiest solution to this problem is to delete the print job off your computer and then turn off the printer, sometimes removing the plug from the wall for twenty seconds will help the printer reset and delete the print job, enabling you to start printing again.

#2 Access Denied When Printing to a Shared Printer

What can be more irritating and time consuming than a note coming up saying access denied when you try printing out information that you need? This can happen on both home and office networks. The problem is often experienced when printing from a Vista machine to a XP machine, for example.

Start by hitting the start button, access the control panel, hardware and sounds icon, followed by the printers icon.
Under printers you will find add printer where you can add a local printer. You may need to create a new port, which must be a local port and name it. Then follow the remainder of the instructions and click finish. You should now be able to print to that printer.

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8 thoughts on “Fixing the 5 Most Annoying Printer Problems”

  1. Here is mentioned only 5 irritating problems of a printer. But there are a lot of printer problems. And when one of those happens with the printer, then that problem will be the reason of headache and irritation. So when any problem happens with the printer, then it should be sent to the printer repair center.

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  3. I need a printer driver for my HP Deskjet 6122.I want to use it via USB cable with Windows 7.
    I had this setup working well but recently had my hard drive reformatted.
    I have been to

    and followed the instructions but the alternative driver HP990c is not listed and Windows update does nothing.

    Any ideas please.??


  4. I have a LexmarkX5650ex. For some reason I guess after my computer gets scanned, etc. I have to reload the printer from the CD to get it to print again. What is causing the printer to get uninstalled?


  5. My problem with my printer is since I upgraded to Windows 7 and downloaded a driver for my Epson Stylus Photo RX620 is that I no longer have a preview pane. If I was printing something from a web page for instance, and only wanted say one of a few pages I could see the preview pane and cancel the pages I didn't want but now I can't do that.

  6. A better solution to a printer that doesn’t cancel a printing job is to install and run a free program called “Stalled Printer Repair”. It enables you to delete printing jobs that are stuck in the spooler queue. No need to shut off and/or unplug your printer.

  7. I have a HPD110 Printer Scanner combination,but of late it is not printing from one of my computers,it will print a ts\est page but not anything else you have done on the computer,or some article you would have seen and want to print.
    Can you tell me what is the reason for this,Thanking you in advance for a speedy reply.


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