SD Memory Card Not Recognized When Inserted into PC

SD Memory Card Not Recognized When Inserted into PC

By Terry Stockdale for

I had a question recently about a flash drive problem. Well, it wasn’t really a flash drive — it was an SD card from a camera… but the symptoms and the procedures are the same.

In this case, a family member had taken some pictures with her camera and then removed the SD memory card from the camera to plug it into her HP computer’s built-in memory card reader.

All went well when she did this. After she copied the photos from the card to the computer, she ejected the SD card and put it back in the camera. At that point, she took some more pictures.

The problem occurred when she removed the SD card from the camera and plugged it into the computer again.

At this point, the computer did not recognize the SD card. Ouch!

She had another camera, so she pulled the SD card from it and tried it in the computer. It wasn’t recognized either. Ouch! Ouch!

Panic began to set in as she thought she might have ruined the SD cards somehow. Big SD cards are still not really cheap, but the real problem was the pictures…

Fortunately, at that point, she thought to call me…

Rest of the story…

This post is excerpted with the permission of Terry’s Computer Tips.

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