What is a Zettabyte?

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What is a Zettabyte?

A zettabyte is equivalent to about 250 billion DVDs. It also measures the amount of storage across the globe in servers. If one would take each zettabyte and line the group into a single file it would reach the perimeter of our galaxy the Milky Way and span nearly 100,000 light years. It matters because zettabyte data has to become manageable so that it becomes useful. Quick access to information across the Internet involves planning how to handle, safeguard, and transport data in seconds.

Data Management

Six core areas to data management exist. Consider integrity of the data, availability, security, capacity of the servers, performance of the servers, and scalability. Each area has a relationship with all other areas. To create optimum zettabyte data movement an ebb and flow is established that creates balances as information is transported.

Integrity of the Data

How data becomes retrieved and then stored matters. Data must have credibility and no corruption. It becomes a matter of trust across the thousands of servers and millions of computers. Sometimes events happen out in cyberspace intentionally and unintentionally. Mechanisms that correct errors, ensure retrieval, and backup systems make sitting down at a computer at work or home enjoyable to use and efficient. Systems establishing policies, procedures, and contingency plans in case of an interruption make information flow smoothly.


A data center must track all bits and bytes entering the servers. Also the architecture of the storage system must come in some type of orderly arrangement that can retrieve the bits and bytes requested in seconds and present it in a useable form. Information that is unavailable due to a problem with the servers or on the net itself costs millions of dollars per hour. Financial centers, telecommunications industries, and e-commerce depend on data becoming available as soon as they access it.

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