Is Windows 8 a Good Fit for You?

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Is Windows 8 a Good Fit for You?

With the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system just around the corner, it’s a question that many PC users are asking.

But PC users are a diverse group, and that means the answer to this question isn’t really one that can be answered with a concrete yes or no. Because everyone’s needs are different, some people might be better served by upgrading their operating system than others.

That’s why we’ll use this post to look at some of the new features that are coming. At the end, you’ll be able to answer the question of “Should I upgrade to Windows 8?” and know for certain whether or not the upgrade will be worth it for you.

Windows 8 Has a Lot of New Features, but Do They Fit Your Computer Use?

When it comes to a new version of anything, there are always new features that come with it. The question then becomes one of whether or not those new features are things you’ll actually use if you do upgrade.

When it comes to Windows 8, look at some of these more popular features and see whether or not they are things you’ll use.

  • Advanced File Protection – Whether you’re a student or someone who relies on their computer in order to do their job, their always seems to be some point in your life where a file you need will change in a way you don’t want and you can’t revert things back to the way you want.
  • Windows 8 keeps that in mind with its new file history system that makes automatic backups whenever there are changes to your files.

    This means that you can easily retrieve previous versions of documents that you keep stored. This is an extremely useful feature to have, but might not be something that very casual PC users take advantage of very often.

  • Familiar Settings – It can be a jarring thing to use someone else’s computer and have to work around their settings. If you’re a user asking the question of should I upgrade to Windows 8, then keep in mind that this operating system has a feature that syncs your settings to the cloud. That means that you can use the same settings on any Windows 8 machine.
  • This could be good for many business users, but personal users might not find this helpful until more people adopt the system, which could take some time.

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    4 thoughts on “Is Windows 8 a Good Fit for You?

    1. WIN 8? VISTA was better it looks like a poor version of the OS on the BBC Micro or Win 3.1 with tiles , its ugly without aero, its plain and looks worst than the commodore 64 OS, it no good for mouses , its ties you to microsoft apps like apple approved apps do, it take 3 moves to shut down when win 7,xp,vista took 2. you get wrist ache from all the pushing your mouse to the top left of the screen, it should be for touch screens only
      The only plus point about this OS is it shuts down as fast as it boots up which pleases me cos i am always pleased to see the back of it
      Gone back to win 7 pro the best operating system they have ever produced EVER

    2. I do not understand why they hve to always change there windows program when the one they have is working fine.there is a old saying if something is not broken they why fix it. as for what I have seen with windows 8 there is not differnts then windows 7.

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