No Big Name Apps in the Windows Store?

No Big Name Apps in the Windows Store?

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

One of the knocks that I see cropping up on some reviews of Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface is the paucity of apps in the Windows Store or whether the store ecosystem will be there.

First – my response to the last portion – of course it will be there – it is Windows.

If a company and/or developer is smart they will be working to get their app in now and I do not mean the kind of rush Twitter mentioned today. They said in a tweet that Windows needed an official Twitter app and that they would build it. In the same tweet they said they looked forward to showing it to us in the months ahead. Months? They missed that train didn’t they?

As for the other knock on the Windows Store and the paucity of apps or lack of big names I will just point out that the store has grown in leaps and bounds since it opened up to all developers back in mid September and is now over 10,000 apps worldwide.

Plus a Facebook and Twitter App does not an App Store make. Plenty of third party developers have filled those gaps already in the Windows Store.

As for the lack of big names
this list of 44 apps
I pulled out from the Windows Store in about 15 minutes counting the time to put it in alphabetical order.

This excerpt appears with permission from Windows Observer.

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