Reviewing Windows 8 Reviews

Reviewing Windows 8 Reviews

By John Dodge

My accountant the other day said she’s in the market for a new PC and asked if she and her family should upgrade to Windows 8. Having covered PC technology for many years, she thought I might have some insight into into the new operating system.

I told her Windows 8 sports a brand new user interface and there could be a steep learning curve. Windows 8, I’ve read, is also more geared for touchscreens and tablets than traditional mouse and keyboard driven PCs. I don’t have any hands-on experience yet with Windows 8.

After I read Hiawatha Bray’s review in Thursday’s Boston Globe, I was stunned. Bray described the relearning experience as an “exhausting” and “frustrating….unspectacular….a chore.” He made a basic but important point: computers are supposed be labor-saving devices and Windows 8 trends in the opposite direction. The underlying message was stay away at least for now.

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Excerpt appears with permission from John Dodge.

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14 thoughts on “Reviewing Windows 8 Reviews

  1. Everyone dances around the FACT that you must upgrade your computer(s) to I3 Ivybridge or equivalent or above and have double or quadruple the RAM us ol’ XP Pro users are using. XP Pro still processes video faster (don’t argue with me, I do it 10-14 hours a day and compared it to an i7 “micro-CRAY” that cost more than my truck new, and check with AVID.) “Newer” isn’t always better. More powerful isn’t always better. I have learned Win7 and 8 and have no use for either. They are clumsy,take too many keystrokes/mouse clicks to do less than I can do with “hotkeys”.None of the video editing software is configured yet for WIN7 “hotkeys” even running in Win XP mode. Millions of major corporations can’t be wrong. They’re keeping their XP servers and desktops. They don’t want to spend $$$$ to MicroSnot to retrain or re-certify their employees in Win7/8. Why break what’s working well? Wishwa (would work) was as bad as ME, 7/8 aren’t as big an advance over XP as 2000 was over XP. Why do people keep buying and drinking the MicroSnot KoolAid? You’re almost as bad as the latest I-pod or I-phone junkies.ZZZzzzzz….

  2. It would be really great to finally get it installed, but unfortunately, the retail version of Win 8 won’t install on our computer that has been running Win 7 and the Windows 8 Consumer Preview for the past year

    I’m just glad that I only paid $40 instead of $250 for an OS upgrade that we can’t use

  3. the best thing is to install Gom player or if you got windows 8 pro, you can install windows media center package too free on the house, see your affirm notice of order…

  4. Well I have installed Windows 8 properly and cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would say it's complex? It took me 10 minutes to get used to it. I switched to desktop view and have put all the applications there that I want to use. It is sleek, fast and much nicer on the eye. The same as Windows 7 again I found it so easy to use. I think the problem is a lot of people don't take the time to make Windows how they want it. There is a wealth of guides to be found if you Google it and you can then have Windows as you want it. Nothing is set in stone. Like buying a new stereo for example. You set up so that it's how YOU want it. Never buy Windows and expect it to automatically be exactly as you want it to be. With a little effort however it can soon be to your liking. One thing I have just discovered is that it automatically highlights Grammar mistakes which for some can be very useful and for school kids for example could be a good help in English lessons. The only thing that I do have to do is find a few drivers for certain devices. The workaround is to run in a compatibility mode until drivers are developed which again happened with Windows xp and Windows 7. Watch this space!

  5. I did an upgrade of win 8 the upgrade took very little time! It was much easier than upgrading to win 7. I did not see the steep learning curve mentioned. The only glitch I had was with an app that needed updating!

  6. I'm still with xp since it came out and have already given up even trying new windows because after vista, ME, windows 7.. it just gets wors and worse more flashy graphics and less user administration rights. The filing system on wiodnows 7 drives me crazy, wouldt take it if you paid me. I love XP its the best and gives you the power, not the software.

  7. I have been using Windows 8 for a couple of months now. An the problem I am still having is everytime I run into something you normaly wouldn’t do on a touch pad you have to rethink how to do things. For instance, how do you watch a DVD or Blu-ray movie? Well, since you normally don’t do that on a touch pad, you have to procure a program that runs on the desktop to watch it. No where does it tell you how to do that! It’s just not built to run on a normal desk top type of computer even though you can ultimately get it done.

  8. I have win 8 on a laptop and a desk top so far its running as advertised . faster than win 7 have win 7 desk top plus win 8 start up if you have trouble closing a app hit the windows button on the keyboard

  9. Interesting points.However Windows 7 was frowned upon by many when it was released and a lot held on to Windows xp for dear life.Some still use it. I personally have simply scoured the internet and found a guide to Windows 8. I tried the pre-release version and did find it took a little getting used to.However I am fairly confident that I will be able to use Windows 8 to my liking and am certainly going to give it a fair chance. I mean there are even some people who like Windows Vista!

    • I am glad there are brave people like you with steel nerves who can sit for months paddling through obstacles, because that is the feedback which will eventually cause the bugs to be smoothed out. This is why i always install something when it has been debugged after a couple of years of release on the market (they dont test their products completely they use the consumer as the tester in the age of data miners and profile information scanning, so we are both the funder and the guinea pig).

  10. what windows 8 lacks is a video that explains the damn metro usage, in the install fase, so the new user then know what to expect, when he is stuck, he can go to that app (please in top left corner)no to get lost…….

  11. I get weary of all the bashing by people who don’t seem to know what they are talking about. I upgraded to Windows 8 and just kept on going. The Metro UI takes the place of the start menu, but if you don’t like it, just click on the desktop tile and it turns into Windows 7. Except its faster and smoother. But these journalists get everyone worked up about nothing and then people wonder why an OS is a failure. Just try it for yourself people.

    • @Lester:
      I totally agree, what is the big deal, i upgrade to Win8 a week ago, it took about 30mins to work out where things are, that is it.
      Essentially it is a re-vamped Win7 OS that runs faster, apart from the from screen, the rest is the same as Win7, no big deal.
      So far great OS!

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