Hardware Must Adapt Or Die In The Windows 8 World

By David Purcell, for PCTechBytes.com

Hardware Must Adapt Or Die In The Windows 8 World

You can say what you want about Windows 8, but the new OS is forcing a change in the way we use computers. Because Microsoft is moving away from traditional desktops and laptops, hardware manufacturers need to find a way to help consumers transition. Sure, you will still be able to use Windows 8 with a keyboard and mouse. But it just doesn’t seem natural anymore thanks to the revamped Graphical User Interface.

What seems even more unnatural is reaching out and touching your computer screen.

Try it. Even if your computer is not a touchscreen, pretend you are reaching out and moving tiles or pinching or squeezing a window to make it expand or contract. Talk about ergonomically incorrect!

So what’s the answer? Something’s got to give. Below are a few ways computer manufacturer’s have responded to this awkward love affair between an Operation System that begs to be touched and computer hardware that has traditionally recoiled against human contact.

How Hardware Design Is Adapting To Windows 8

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