Jumping Blind Into Windows RT Surface

By Bill Pytlovany

Jumping Blind Into Windows RT Surface

As as soon I mentioned ordering a Microsoft Surface everyone said they looked forward to my review. My friends know I don’t write typical reviews with technical specs. Instead, my first couple days with a device is an appraisal of the experience. I never used an Apple iPad and while I have chosen Android phones, I began my Surface existence as my new normal.

What I’ll share here are my first impressions using a Microsoft Surface just as if I was someone fresh off the street. Today’s post probably won’t help you decide if you want to own a Surface or Windows RT device. As I learn more, I’ll write about the pro’s and con’s.

My typical day is spent with my hands on a small Lenovo X61 convertible laptop. I use it for almost everything and it allows me to leave my office so I can spend more time with my wife, Cindi. The only reason I still have a desktop in my office is for developing and debugging. Some times I even use GoToMyPC as a remote connection if I need to work on my desktop.

My goal is to find out how much of my laptop could be replaced and also how quickly I would learn to use a completely new environment. The best word to describe the Microsoft Surface is “ecosystem”. Everyone’s experience will vary depending on their activity on social networks.

An ecosystem is a community of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment, interacting as a system.

Unpacking my new Surface was a pleasure and I was already configuring my personal preferences within 10 minutes. The absence of any instructions saved a lot of time. It looked so beautiful and glossy my instinct was to get up and wash my hands. This was totally absurd because I knew in no time the entire device would be full of smudges. I chose the 64GB model with a soft black keyboard/cover that feels like brushed felt. Its magnetic connector provides a confident bond and my heavy fingers are adjusting quickly even on uneven surfaces. I expect my typing skills will become more proficient and I know the textured keyboard will attract plenty of grunge over time. I should probably order an extra keyboard cover now.

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