Blu-Ray Conversion Software Wars


Blu-Ray Conversion Software Wars

Blu-Ray – the technology that brought in a true-to-life picture quality right in front of our TV screens has made waves ever since its application. Thanks to their stunning picture quality, we now watch our favorite movies and shows in the highest possible quality. But, the only issue we face regarding Blu-Ray disc is its difficulty in making backups. Initially, due to the lack of appropriate Blu-Ray converters, this was a difficult task. But today, thanks to software development, many titles currently exist. In this comparison I will be looking at the top two choices currently available which are – DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy and Blue Cloner 3. But deciding upon these two is a little difficult. So, let’s compare as to which could possibly be a better option for Blu-Ray conversion and which should make it to your systems.

DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy (The Current Champion):

DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy Review

Developed by DVDFab, the Blu-Ray Copy feature is one of the most powerful and a comprehensive Blu-Ray software programs available in the market. This software has been designed to perform four primary functions that include Copying, Burning, Cloning and decrypting. The term decrypting means that the application has the ability to remove any copyright protection from any Blu-Ray discs including UOPs and BD-Live and copy the disc content to your hard drive. The frequent software updates from the company will ensure that any new copyright encryption is added, so that the users may easily replicate them in their hard drive. Also, this program can burn a full-length Blu-Ray content into an empty DVD-ROM or burn in AVCHD format onto a DVD disc.

It uses a compression ratio of 1:1 with which it can convert a BD 50 movie into a BD 25 disc and a BD 9 into a BD 5 disc, and still retain the original effects. It can do this by stripping out the extras and the trailers which can take up many GB’s of space on the disc. In case the software realizes that there is a lack of space in the disc, it automatically converts the High Definition audio into a Dolby Digital sound and clears up some space for the video. Blu-Ray Copy from DVDFab supports both NTSC and PAL format and comes pre-loaded with a UDF 2.50 driver, so that the users don’t have to go looking for a 3rd party driver.

Blue Cloner (The Contender):

Blue Cloner Review
Blue Cloner is an equally well performing video converter program available in the market. Its features include the ability to omit trailers, behind the scene footage and other miscellaneous videos that come along with the Blu-Ray disc. This frees up ample space and even paves the way for the users to burn them on a BD 25 disc (if the original was BD 50). Also, the users can choose their audio format to use such as 5.1 surround, 2.1 or Dolby Digital and clear some extra space. One of the other fascinating features is that the software allows the users to specify the output space so that they can specify their quality and determine on which disc to burn.

The software converts the Blu-Ray video content impressively fast and with such precision. Also, the user interface is pretty simple. There are present in the interface – the source file locator bar, the destination folder bar, options to specify and customize various settings and the Go button to begin the conversion process.

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