How to Reset a Windows Password

By Rich Robinson for Windows Guides

How to Reset a Windows Password

If you want access to your Windows account (and not just access to your files), you can reset your password quite easily. Learn, in this guide, how to burn a password reset disc and how to boot from it and reset your Windows account password.

Warning: Do not reset your password if you’ve used Windows to encrypt your files. Instead, attempt to crack your Windows password to regain access to these files.

Burn the Windows Password Reset Disc

The first step is to download and burn the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

1. Download the disc here (scroll down to “Download” and download the latest CD release)*

2. Extract the zip file and burn the ISO file to a disc (how to burn an ISO to disc)

*You can use the USB version if you would prefer

Steps continued here

This excerpt appears with the permission of Windows Guides.

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