Differences Between DVD and Blu-Ray Burning

by BurnWorld

Differences Between DVD and Blu-Ray Burning

There are quite a few differences in DVD and Blu-Ray media. Most of the obvious differences are the file storage and the quality of the videos on screen. Blu-ray players are the newest edition of video players. They can play the standard DVDs, but DVD players are not compatible with the new Blu-ray videos.

While there are increasingly a number of Blu-ray videos coming out on the market, users still have the desire to burn their own videos. This is another difference in the two types of video players. Their construction makes burning the two DVDs different and not all devices are compatible for burning both videos.

Devices that Allow for Burning Videos

When ready to burn a video, it is important to make sure what types of videos the device is compatible with. Users can burn videos on computers or video players depending on their preference. The manual for the computer should acknowledge what type of formats the burner is compatible with.

Latest computers may include Blu-ray burning options, but older models will not sustain anything but DVD burning, if any at all. Not all Blu-ray players allow for burning of the videos. When purchasing a device, questions about burning both Blu-ray discs and DVDs should be asked.

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