Windows 8 Changes How We Search for Information

Windows 8 Changes How We Search for Information

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

With the release of Windows 8 the way we search in the Windows OS has changed significantly.

In Windows 7 you could hit the Windows Key on your keyboard and begin typing and several different level of results would pop up in the space of the Start Menu. For me this is how I tended to start programs by searching for their name here. This search method would also turn up files, past web browsing history and emails that matched the search criteria.

In Windows 8 we no longer have the Start Menu, much to the chagrin of many Windows users, and an entirely different search method on the OS.

Before I get into this further let me ask this question – how did you search the Internet in past versions of Windows? My guess is that you do it like many of us did.

Open web browser of choice.

Type in address, or maybe it is the default start page of your browser, to access your preferred search engine.

Type in your search terms in the search engine and see what comes up. Another method here is to simply type your search in the address block of your browser and then hit return so the search will be done in your default search engine.

Browse the results and continue on.

Now with Windows 8 and the Charms Bar we have what is called the Search Charm:

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This excerpt appears with permission from Windows Observer.

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