How Microsoft Developed the Windows 8 Touch Keyboard

By Windows Talk

How Microsoft Developed the Windows 8 Touch Keyboard

Most of you are already aware of the on-screen keyboard of Windows & have used in previous Windows versions including XP, Vista and Windows 7. Since, Windows 8 is optimized of tablets or the touch enabled devices, it gets the touch keyboard as well.

Though, touch keyboard also is not a new concept (Available in smart-phones, tablets & other touch enabled computing devices for last few years), but Microsoft want you to feel it like a completely new thing of modern touch enabled computing. That’s the reason Microsoft has developed a completely unique, comfortable and innovative keyboard for touchscreen Windows 8 devices. So, here I would love to explore the things considered by Microsoft while designing/developing the Windows 8 touch keyboard.

The three main goals set were:

Making people type with almost at the same speed they can type using a physical keyboard.

Making them avoid common typing mistakes and easily correct the errors.

Typing the text with comfort in terms of posture, feel, interaction with the device and social settings.

Though Windows 8 has a highly accurate handwriting recognition feature for several languages and voice recognition but it might not be possible for Microsoft to meet the above said three needs (Speed, accuracy & more comfortable typing) of people and expectations from touch screen devices without setting the goals.

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