The Death of the Noisy Cooling Fan

GE has introduced new cooling technology that could mark the end of the road for those old, noisy PC cooling fans.

GE’s DCJ technology is an advanced cooling solution for the next generation of thinner, quieter and more powerful tablets, laptops and other electronic devices. These devices, as thin as a credit card, are half as thick as conventional cooling fans and use half the energy. And, GE’s technology is quiet, it is virtually inaudible to the ear.–grcblog/youtube

How loud is your PC?

Free Sound Meter App for Android Smartphones

Free Noise Meter App for Android Smartphones

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Here is a list of common noises and their decibel levels:

Aircraft at take-off (180)
Fireworks (140)
Snowmobile (120)
Chain saw (110)
Amplified music (110)
Lawn mower (90)
Noisy office (90)
Vacuum cleaner (80)
City traffic (80)
Normal conversation (60)
Refrigerator humming (40)
Whisper (20)
Leaves rustling (10)
Calm breathing (10)

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6 thoughts on “The Death of the Noisy Cooling Fan

  1. When will the GE DCT cooling device be available? Cost?

    I am very interested because I have constant nightmares that the bearing on my CPU fan has failed and there goes my CPU!

    Less moving parts – the more dependable!


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