How China Killed The Computer Hardware Tutorial

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How China Killed The Computer Hardware Tutorial

When was the last time you read a good computer hardware tutorial? I bet it was at least several years ago. Whatever happened to these fantastic documents which helped us learn all we needed to know about our computer hardware?

It may surprise you to know (or not) that many of the network cards, mice, keyboards, and other commodity hardware we add to our computers all the same basic designs mass manufactured by the same few Chinese electronics factories. It doesn’t matter what the brand name says on the device, it’s probably the same as dozens of other devices under dozens of other brand names.

How does this affect the computer hardware tutorial? It means that a computer hardware tutorial could exist for your device, but it was written for a different brand name and product name. If you can’t find a tutorial, it’s useless to you. Also, if the people who write tutorials know people aren’t visiting it (because they can’t find it), they’ll be discouraged and stop writing them.

I know this from personal experience. I used to write long, 20-plus page hardware tutorials whenever I bought a new laptop. But then the laptop market exploded and people stopped reading my tutorials—and so I stopped writing them.

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