Microsoft’s Future and Windows 8

By Bill Pytlovany

Microsoft’s Future and Windows 8

Now that there isn’t as much discussion about Romney and Obama the passion appears to focus on the future of Microsoft and Windows 8. I’ve already published three articles but I haven’t taken a stance strong enough to generate any hate mail yet.

Some folks have posted very positive and very negative reviews of their Microsoft Surface experience.

Dave Ward loved sharing, “A month with my Surface RT”
Meanwhile, James Kendrick let ZDNET readers know,
”Why I can’t recommend the Surface RT for table shoppers”

Paul Thurrott known for his research and Supersite for Windows took a much broader look at the big changes in Redmond with “Microsoft’s Mobile Strategy is Correct”. Paul’s popularity means he’ll generate the hate mail from the Apple Fan Boys but I’ve come to a similar conclusion that Windows 8 will be a success.

Article continued here

This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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9 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Future and Windows 8

  1. Windows 8 is a purpose built OS designed for PC based users to have the look and feel of Apple’s iToy industry without having to actually purchase a toy. In a real world situation, Macs only address their sole purpose of providing excellent graphic design, fantastic electronic music industry apps and American education system applications. In the corporate business world these are useless and do not have any place except in graphic design companies. 5% of the market is about right but it retains its market as it fills the purposes at the highest levels that Windows and unix/linux cant hope to achieve.

    Windows 7 is the best corporate system today and addresses almost all of the needs of every business. Almost all of the apps integrate nicely or have a plugin to deal with the few incompatibilities.

    Windows 8 is a great addition to the MS suite that extends Windows 7 into the future and adds versatility to a robust platform.

    Domains are easilly managed with Microsoft and everybody writes software for the Windows PC. Many iPhone/iPad users ask why they cant use their device on our corporate network and the reply is poor security that does not meet the exacting standards of the legal requirements of the business services we provide in the financial world to our clients.

    Consumers need to understand what their requirements are and what the product actually can do before purchasing. Windows 7 for corporate networks and also if you work from home as the applications are compatible/the same if you are registered for Microsofts Home Use Program. Macs for design studio/music/US education industry.
    IPads or MS Surface or Android Tablets are for the 24/7 connectivity many people cant survive without these days, when they are not getting any virtual love via emails or updating their status to their virtual friends whilst their real friends dont see them as they are always too busy online.

    Buy the product that suits or addresses at least 85% of your needs but is also compatible with your exsisting technology, unless it revolutionises the way you do things and brings a lot of innovation and productivity to the table there is no point in changing for the sake of change.

  2. Put the start menu back and I may give win 8 a go. I loaded a copy of “8” on one of my laptops and was not impressed. I grabbed a aftermarket “start menu” (bundled with Daemon Tools lite) and loaded it, but it still isnt up to par with windows 7. This “jack of all trades” approach to developing “8” is a bad idea. I use my computer as a computer…desktop…27 inch monitor, I run Adobe Photoshop, light room, and other demanding programs, use both a mouse and a wacom pen tablet, and a keyboard. I dont even want a touch scree. I see nothing in windows 8 that would make my tasks easier or more efficient. I use a Android smartphone. I dont want the same platform on my phone as my computers. As for the guy that said 75% of people over 50 dont own computers…I dont know what third world country hes in, but everyone I know has one computer or more. Im 60, I build, my own machines, (this ones watercooled, overclocked to 4.8 ghz, has 5 terrabytes of internal data storage with the os on a 240 gig ssd, 16gigs of ddr3 1600, upscale graphics card etc).

    • you sound like me. i’m 53 and have been building my own computers for a very long time. windows 8 has nothing for the experienced computer user. it is designed so idiots can feel like they are accomplishing something while they are on the go. like i said, microsoft needs to get rid of this new generation of idiots they hired who think apple is so great and go back to the tried and true computing that has made them a world leader in software. if they continue on this track they will sink into the quagmire of has been and apple will take over and then we will all be screwed. that always seems to happen when the founder of a business retires and lets younger people take over. bill needs to go back in there and kick a few butts and make them do what is right.

  3. You could ot have put it better. I do have what was the most expensive Apple lap top 2 years ago because friens told me it was so much better. Maybe for those who use PCs as entertainment which seems is what the Western World is looking for. I use a PC for work. I run the apple lapop on XP!! We consumers have become idiots. We buy cars with tires so low profile that they equal pre-Dunlop tyres (and their) discomfort just to have huge centers of brushed aluminum.

    • they have 5% because their product sucks, believe it. no they are not the rolls royce or rolex of the computer industry. they are the edsel of the computer industry. the reason they are even able to sell their products is because way too many people in this country assume that because something is way overpriced it must be worth it which is half the problem with this country. if everything were priced at real value, apple would not be able to stay in business. but through hype and excessive advertising (which were steve jobs actual ability) they have fooled to many brainless idiots into believing their products are worth something rather than worthless which they really are.

  4. i tried win 8 and it sucks. i am not a big app person nor do i need to have my computer with me every waking moment wherever i am. win 8 was made for people that live that way but most of the world does not and will not for many years to come. win 8 is a huge, and i do mean huge, disappointment. microsoft’s next offering should give you the option of going with apps or a standard os. the only reason microsoft did it was to compete with the apple ipad but the apple ipad is a niche market and i really dont think microsoft had anything to worry about. if they wanted to create something simple and easy to use that does not require a lot of power (android) then they should have instead of charging an arm and a leg for it like they are. if they had gone for quality instead of crap with a high price tag, then they would sell a lot more and actually make more money. ie, if they reduced the price to 1/4 of what it is they would sell 10 times as many and that would hurt apples bottom line which is their goal but they have started hiring all these “i know everything” people who dont really know much at all and they want to be like apple. apple is all hype and nothing more. apple computers have never been better than intel based ones and the only reason people have to have one is because apple makes them believe that everyone has to have one or be square. as a result they spend a fortune on a piece of crap. and the new microsoft geeks have fallen into that trap with all the “i have to have it right now or i will die” people. everyone needs to wise up and see what a piece of crap apple products are (last i checked, they only had about 5% of the computer market which says a lot about the quality of apple products). my oldest son who is 21 fell into the trap of “i have to have one” and talked his mom into buying him a mac. now, 6 months later, he regrets giving up his intel based laptop for the piece of crap mac. and we spent $1200 on it and it’s not even as good as the intel based hp we bought him 3 years ago for only $600. the future is scary because apple and other companies like them are brainwashing our kids into believing that trash is worth something. it wasnt when i was a kid and its not today.

      • @johnny: we bought it at newegg and i just looked at what she actually bought. you are right, it is an intel based computer. so the problem with it is they used cheap parts (i build my own computers but not laptops so i know cheap when i see cheap) and installed their own os on it. so what i paid $1200 for was a cheap piece of $200 or $300 junk laptop. now i feel even more insulted. too bad jobs kicked the bucket, i would love to help him go there. unfortunately, it’s not the first time he has talked his mother into something stupid like that. cest la vie. that kid is determined to send me to the poor house.

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