Twitter Archives Provide a Personal Diary

By Bill Pytlovany

Twitter Archives Provide a Personal Diary

I was thrilled this week when my friend @RandyKnob shared the news Twitter users would be able to download a complete history of their messages. This feature is being rolled out and is not available to everyone yet. Luckily my archive was available and I enjoyed spending hours reading what I was sharing about my life up to five years ago. I was really surprised there was no cost for this service. I was expecting it to generate revenue for Twitter and I would have paid a reasonable fee.

Using to download archives
The first step to find out if your archive can be downloaded is to check your Twitter settings.

Click on your Twitter settings and scroll all the way down to the bottom.

If you’re lucky you’ll see “Your Twitter Archive” with a button that says something like “Send email”. Since I’ve already downloaded my archive my button says Resend email. If your archive isn’t available yet you won’t have anything between Country and Deactivate my account.

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