Resolve to Never Do These 8 Things on the Internet Again

Resolve to Never Do These 8 Things on the Internet Again

Happy 2013! The annual onslaught of resolutions to lose weight, stop smoking…are inevitable.

But, Molly McHugh at offers 8 very specific & worthwhile resolutions for those who spend time online.

Our favorite:

Stop believing those “see who’s looking at your profile” apps
Because they won’t let you see who’s looking at your profile. As with the Dislike button hype, every few months a social site – usually Facebook – is subjected to some sort of spam post that goes viral, linking users to a supposed application that will show them who’s stalking their Facebook. This is pure nonsense. You know what actually happens? You click that link; you download malware; you start unintentionally spamming the bejesus out of your friends. And they will hate you for it.

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10 thoughts on “Resolve to Never Do These 8 Things on the Internet Again”

  1. I can’t believe I just used up time reading all that. That was the worst Pitstop article I’ve ever read by a MILE. I thought it was going to be important grownup stuff!

  2. Fascinating. I am reasonably computer literate and make enormous use of my computer and the Internet, and can fix most of my technical problems too – mainly via googling error messages. I'm savvy enough to find a woman in Croatia who can recommend a reliable strimmer that actually works for more than a week, and a ukulele maker in Hawaii that can help me with an arcane aspect of guitar construction. The only one of those 8 sins I have done is to use an emoticon – probably 10 times in 10 years! I don't know what some of the other items in the list are and have no need or wish to find out. I can't be bothered to investigate Twitter, and I'm a wary and rather sullen user of Facebook. My advice is be driven by, and stay in control of your needs, and don't be beguiled by the Pandora's Box that is the Internet out there. Be discerning and you won't go far wrong. Computers and the Internet are marvellous resources, but good servants and bad masters, and can be addictive time wasters.

  3. This was very juveline. If these are your biggest annoyances in life, just wait until you get to 11th grade. This sounded like a lecture a teenager gives her father. “People don’t say that anymore Dad, OMG!”

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