Setting a Time Limit on Your PC

Tip submitted by Jacee on December 2009

Setting a Time Limit on Your PC

I just found this handy little application …. it works with XP, Vista and Windows 7. I downloaded it on my Vista, and it really works
(kick yourself off the computer to go to bed!)

If you want to have your computer shut down at a certain time of day or night, then try windows auto shutdown timer

Download Windows Auto Shutdown Timer Here

windows shutdown timer

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7 thoughts on “Setting a Time Limit on Your PC

  1. well this looks ok if free , many years ago i bought a software called ; SMART SLEEP ;i think a bit better ,it also has an atomic clock syn ,but i don t know if it will work these days ,as i had tried and it did not synchronise ..but shut down are guranteed on time ..

  2. What’s wrong with just shutting it down in the first place? Unless you are recording a TV program with Media Center or running your antivirus program at midnight and wan tto give up and go to bed and then shut it down? Why would anyone need this?

  3. If ‘Each month you select the best of the tips submitted by members of the PC Pitstop community’ there must have been a very long, dry period since the last best tip, as this one is dated December 2009!

    • @Sheri:

      Sheri: Occasionally we go back into the archive and share an old favorite. You can see through the link at the bottom of the post – that we identify new tips every month.

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