Verizon FIOS Listened To Me on Twitter


By Bill Pytlovany

Verizon FIOS Listened To Me on Twitter

When I switched to FIOS Internet in 2009 it was cheaper & provided higher upload speeds which weren’t even available from Time Warner. It was an easy decision to switch from Time Warner to Verizon FIOS. While not having a physical store seemed like an issue my experience over the past few days proved Verizon FIOS is determined to be #1.

If you don’t want to read my entire experience just take my word. See if FIOS TV is available at your location. If it is, order it and be prepared to bring all your Comcast or Time Warner equipment back telling them to suck it.

Unlike FIOS for the Internet we weren’t the very first FIOS TV install in our area. FIOS TV is completely digital which means all TV’s require a box. Time Warner currently still sends analog channels so TV’s without space for a box would work for lower channels. We stuck with Time Warner even though as a TiVo/cable card user I was forced to use an extra, flakey adapter because Time Warner used something called Switch Digital Video even though the government said they were supposed to wait longer.

Eventually, Verizon FIOS TV came out with a standard definition digital box that was small enough to fit behind the TV’s in the kitchen and over our bath tub.

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This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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