6 thoughts on “What Your Email Inbox Says About You

  1. I don’t know if this is related to possible spamming with my email account, but I went to my settings, clicked devices, and found a laptop (Windows 10) that was not mine. It actually appeared to replace my desktop computer!!! I removed it, but “son-of-a-gun”, there it was again–and again–and again. I’ve changed all my passwords, replaced the WiFi, and called in a technician for help. So far, it seems to be gone.

  2. I recently experienced an EMAIL HACK , unfortunately I sincerely believe it was done so by the very provider. Being “ultra Conservative” I used to like to participate in (what I thought) were conservative chat websites. One morning I discovered my email had been “PAUSED” and in my internet connections there had been added “F..K Trump.
    I was forced to setup a completely new account, since nothing I tried would give me my old email account back.

    I later found out that my email provider does in fact read any email they choose. I wonder if the U.S. Postal Service may be considering the same practice

  3. You Know when your email is hacked when you go to the Sent folder in your email page and see emails sent to all your contacts, and when you click on those Sent Emails and see that is something you did not send

  4. The article on “how to tell if email box has been hacked “cut off when I tried to see the steps to follow to see if mine has. Can you send me a link to follow to get it back. I tried to start over with the Newsletter but can’t find the rest of the test. Thanks

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