Java Update is Full of ‘Crapware’

Java Update is Full of ‘Crapware’

Ed Bott points out that the recent “must install” Java update was bundled with crapware and examines why foistware still exists.

Oracle this week released an update for its widely used Java software, fixing a zero-day vulnerability that was being actively exploited to install malware via drive-by downloads.

But before you begin patting Oracle on the back for its quick response, note two things about that update:

  • It might not actually fix the underlying security issues.
  • Along with the must-install security update, Oracle continues to include crapware.
  • Yes, adding insult to injury, Oracle is actually making money and cheapening your web browsing experience by automatically installing the Ask toolbar, which in turn tries to change your default search engine and home page.

    I’m ready to move Oracle’s Java to the top of my Foistware Hall of Shame, alongside Adobe, for crap like this.

    Why does crapware still exist? Follow the Silicon Valley money trail
    Ed Bott | 1/13/2013

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    3 thoughts on “Java Update is Full of ‘Crapware’”

    1. Iam a regular user. I have this problem. I donwloaded what I believed was a trusted site – Java update and Flash update and wound up with a load of crap on my computer and horrid ads that block my view of my internet page. When I went into Firewall to find the malware and remove, I found it -but could not disable or remove. The option was not available. What can I do? I went to control panel and erased everything I could but still can’t get rid of homead or whatever its called.

    2. It automatically installs the ask toolbar? really? I mean how much more obvious can a check box with the question right smack dab in the middle of the installer be? I think you confuse automatically with not paying attention to anything………yes, yes, yes, agree, agree, agree, next, next, next how many years of installing windows software does it take to realize that this is the way 50% of it is these days, including micorosofts own bloatware/garbage.

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