How Facebook Knows What You Look Like

by Dan O’Halloran for Techlicious

How Facebook Knows What You Look Like

Back in 2010, Facebook announced the implementation of facial recognition technology to help its users identify their friends in uploaded photos. The idea was for better tagging of those pictures, but what it really did was stir up outrage at yet another move by the social network to connect us to other people’s activity without our consent.

Facebook tweaked it repeatedly, but finally yanked it last year. And now it’s back. Facebook announced the return of its facial recognition feature and, of course, you’re automatically opted in unless you change your settings to block it.


What’s the downside of Facebook’s new technology? Article Continued Here

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2 thoughts on “How Facebook Knows What You Look Like

  1. I know what the downside is. The downside is that the dumbass website constantly 'suggests" tags for friends while other retarded people tag people in pictures that are not of them, such as quotes or pictures of Nintendo games. (The only time this should happen is in "Facebook taggies"; "tag your friends" grids.) This is what the only downside is, unless you're dumb.

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