Technology is Transforming Our Recreation Time

Technology is Transforming Our Recreation Time

By John Dodge for Enterprise CIO Forum

There was a day when a ski pass was nothing more than a ticket to ride. Today, that’s just a fraction of what it does.

I had the good fortune to ski at the Vail and Keystone ski areas in Colorado for two days recently. Both are owned by Vail Resorts, which uses a novel RFID-based lift card system that is the outward manifestation of a rich social and big data application.

The upshot is that Vail Resorts knows far more about its customers than it did when it flew blind with the paper lift ticket system. It’s the type of application – it’s called EpicMIX – that can transform the skiing experience and the company in the process (CIO Bob Urwiler has much to do with the building of EpicMIX.).

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Excerpt appears with permission from John Dodge.

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