Add Windows 8 Shutdown Sleep and Restart Shortcuts

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Add Windows 8 Shutdown Sleep and Restart Shortcuts

Windows 8 can be frustrating for users accustomed to running a traditional Windows Operating System. The lack of a start menu can make simply shutting down the computer a chore akin to building an addition onto your house. But you can easily add shortcut tiles to your Metro interface and the Desktop to help make powering down your computer a breeze. In this article, we will be creating a shortcut for shutting down the computer, but you can also use this technique to Sleep, Hibernate and Restart your computer in Windows 8.

Create A Shutdown Tile In Windows 8
To create the shutdown tile, we first need to create a shutdown shortcut on the Desktop.


In the Metro interface, click the Desktop tile. This will take you to the more traditional-looking Desktop you’re use to seeing in Windows.


Right-click any area on the Desktop and select New, and then Shortcut. In the location field, type shutdown.exe -s -t 00 and then click Next. This shortcut will be given a default icon. If you want to change the icon to something different, simply right-click the shortcut on your Desktop and select Properties, Change Icon. You will get a message saying this shortcut has no default icon, but it will allow you to select one from a group of icons. Select the one you like and then choose Ok.

Next, we will need to copy this icon into the Start Menu>Programs area of Windows so it will actually appear on the Metro interface.

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15 thoughts on “Add Windows 8 Shutdown Sleep and Restart Shortcuts”

  1. I have the Shutdown Shortcut, based on shutdown.exe in System32, but cannot find a "sleep.exe" or anything similar. The Heading on this Article mentions Sleep and Restart Shortcuts. How do I set up a Sleep Shortcut?

  2. I deleted all the buttons on the start pad screen and made a desktop button. Now I am adding short cut buttons for everything on my desktop. I'm going around the system. I hate windows 8!

  3. Thanks that worked perfectly and I’ve now got buttons on the desktop and task bar which do exactly what I want.

    Initially I would have agreed with most people that Windows 8 was a pain in the proverbial. However, I’ve got to say that I’ve persevered, found a variety of helpful hints, and researched anything I couldn’t immediately work out. I’m now actually starting to enjoy Windows 8 (dare I say it?).

    I’m an impatient person and expect things to work immediately, but I really think the only way to get the most out of any device/new system is to actually take the time to learn it. In today’s age, people don’t expect to have to learn something, they expect immediate results.

  4. I read a lot of negative comments about Windows 8 but they are not true. Obviously anything new takes a little getting used to and people who are not quite so smart may have difficulty but persevere petals and GET WITH IT!!

  5. I received a computer with Windows 8 for a Christmas gift from my husband. I have had so much trouble with it that my husband has actually apologized for giving my the computer. I have had a lot of problems with emails. I get a message that I must play video messages in emails on the desktop. What were the designers thinking? This makes no sense at all. As soon as I learn how to handle one problem then I am faced with another. I thought Vista was difficult but it is a breeze compared to Windows 8. By the way have you seen the commercial that says Windows 8 is so easy even the actor's mother can learn to use it easily. What ever happened to truth in advertising?

  6. I recently purchased a laptop with Win8 Pro on it and after about 3 weeks of trying to navigate in around it I decided the best thing to with Win8 was remove the program entirely and install Win7 Pro. Now the laptop works just fine and Microsoft can keep Win8 for all the Ipads, Ipods, Smart phones and Androids that's where belongs. from my experience with Win 8 I'd have to say it's a garbage program for a computer.

    1. we feel the same way bought one in December still have not used it… you have to down load there email account spend hours on the phone talking with IT sept

  7. Does shuting down the computer with this shortcut works with with the “fast boot\hybrid boot” or fast boot only works going to Settings–>Power–>etc

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