Combine and Save Multiple Prints in One PDF


Combine and Save Multiple Prints in One PDF

By Terry Stockdale for

One of the features that I’ve had trouble finding in any PDF creation software other than ClickBook (which I use) is the ability to print multiple times into the PDF creation software’s program, and then to be able to save the prints as one big PDF file. Even better is the ability to delete some of those prints (if they’re not exactly what I wanted) or to change the order of the items.

PDFCreator does all those things! It’s not quite as easy as ClickBoox, but the price is right…

First, we need to print a file to PDFCreator. We’ll get the PDFCreator dialog box that would allow us to save the PDF file. But, more importantly we get a button hat says “Wait – Collect.”

That button will put “printer” on hold so that we can print another document (or web page) into the PDFCreator workfiles.

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This post is excerpted with the permission of Terry’s Computer Tips.

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