Which AntiVirus is Best


Which AntiVirus is Best

By Bob Rankin

Have you been using the wrong antivirus program for the past year? Now is your chance to kick yourself and mend the error. The authorities on antivirus testing and rating have released their lists of the best-performing antivirus programs. Here’s the scoop:

Every year, the folks at AV-Test, “the independent IT Security Institute,” issue six awards: three each for home and corporate products. The three categories are Protection (defense against infection), Repair (detection and repair of infections), and Usability (user-friendliness, system resource consumption). Annual ratings are the averages of each product’s bimonthly test scores.

This year’s winners in the Home category are as follows. Protection: F-Secure Internet Security; Repair: BitDefender Internet Security; Usability: Symantec Norton Internet Security. The scores for several of the categories were so close that they are actually virtual ties. For the criteria that was used to rate all 20+ security products, and the details on how they scored in each category, see the complete AV-TEST AWARD results.

On the Corporate side, the winners were as follows. Protection: Kaspersky Endpoint Security; Repair: Kaspersky Endpoint Security ; Usability: Symantec Endpoint Security. And again, some of the races had razor-thin margins. Check out the full report in the link above.

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Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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