Media Streaming on the Cloud



Media Streaming on the Cloud

Started in 1999 by companies like Salesforce and Google, cloud computing has evolved to be one of the major breakthroughs in the field of technology. Areas of cloud computing include cloud hosting and cloud servers, which are gaining popularity now since more and more people want to move their websites on the cloud.

Instead of using a physical device to store data or host your website, cloud hosting eliminates the need of a single dedicated server. Instead, it spreads the data across many servers. This has several benefits over a traditional dedicated server, such as more server uptime, more bandwidth and more disk space.

This article will discuss how the benefits of cloud computing to help to stream audio and video. So let’s start be looking at the most important advantage of the cloud:

Scalability with the Cloud

One of the main reasons small business owners or webmasters look at cloud hosting is because it offers flexibility and scalability. Depending on the needs of the website, cloud hosting gives you the option to scale your resources up or down. Unlike a traditional server where you are stuck with the amount of resources you started with, with the cloud you can add or remove resources on the fly. This comes in handy when your website is streaming media online.

Media files require a huge amount of bandwidth and storage space because they are larger than other file types. The more files you host on your site, the more resources you need, unless you want to compromise the user experience and the quality of the media that you want to stream. The process of adding resources on the cloud is quick, convenient, simple, and happens on the fly without affecting the functionality of your site.

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