Prolonging the Life of Your Laptop


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Prolonging the Life of Your Laptop

The average laptop life is not that great, but if you hear ‘Taps’ playing in the background, it’s because I just had to put down an important member of my crew – my trusty laptop. To be fair, this machine was still running Windows 95, had a floppy disk drive, and a network card would be considered a foreign object. My old laptop Carl put in many years of good service but not without some heavy work on my end. Laptops are only designed for maybe 3-5 years of life but by taking proper care of them internally and externally you’ll be able to extend its use a good decade past your current operating system. It’s easy for us to take our laptops for granted by follow a few of these tips so that you can prolong the life of your laptop and quantify your investment.

Transportation Ruins Of The Average Laptop Life

One of the most attractive features that makes laptops so popular is their ease of transport. That being said, it’s important to exercise proper handling to prolong the average laptop life. For one, you’ll want to have a dedicated laptop bag or something with a laptop sleeve so that the unit doesn’t get scratched or crushed when packaged with other items. Convenient laptop bags are also better when traveling so you don’t leave the fate of your computer up to a disgruntled TSA worker practicing his jump shot. You’ll also want to remember to store or transport your laptop at the proper temperature, typically between 40 and 90 degrees. Don’t leave your laptop in the car for 4 hours in the hot Arizona sun and don’t store your computer on the roof rack while driving through Fargo in January to help prolong the life of your laptop.

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One thought on “Prolonging the Life of Your Laptop

  1. LOL. So I’m not the only one to name my PCs. My first was FRED. that is Froze, Reset, Errors and Delete (all my files).
    Thanks for all the helpful info.

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