Taking The Cyber-Bully By The Horns

by Mitz Pantic from Tips4pc.com

Taking The Cyber-Bully By The Horns

I grew up in a passive lifestyle where if somebody was threatening me, I’d walk away and look like the bigger man (mostly because I’m a horrible fighter). Thankfully, that trait has carried on with me onto the Internet world and I’ve always resisted the need to feed a troll or respond to harsh comments. For some people though, that choice is not an option and they find themselves stressed out on a daily basis due to cyber-bullying. It might sound easy to just tell the people being bullied to get off Facebook or block the bully but in a way, that’s still falling prey to the cyber-bullying. People really do take two sides of the fence on this important issue: Those who think that cyber-bullying is a punishable offense that ruins lives or others who say that it’s not an important issue at all.

What Is Cyber-Bullying

Cyber-Bullying is the use of technical gadgets to harass or intimidate somebody else. These tactics can include sending threatening messages over Facebook, creating fake profiles with false information about somebody, repeated text messages of cruel nature and other harmful acts. Many times the result of cyber-bullying will throw students into a downward spiral and they’ll become more persistently withdrawn from classmates and their family. In extreme cases, the victim of cyber bullying will often see no way out and will either take their own life or exact revenge on those responsible.


“Even Biff Tannen probably dealt with cyber-bullying when he went ahead in time in Back To The Future 2″ image credit

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