Mastering Windows 8 Basics

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Mastering Windows 8 Basics

I must apologize as I tried to write this guide to Windows 8 basics when the software first came out but it has taken me this long to find the desktop on my Windows 8 laptop. As is the norm when Microsoft switches around their ‘Start’ panel or updates their operating system, we must switch up our brain memory and relearn our way around the block.

I still have no clue where the Control Panel is or why there’s a picture of the Space Needle in Seattle every time I start up my computer but here are some of the Windows 8 Basics I’ve picked up on thus far.

Windows 8 and Touch Screens

Windows 8 has a tile based design that is ultimately developed for touch screen computers. This particular design was implemented to build on the popularity of tablet computers, especially the iPad. The opening start screen of Windows 8 is a welcome page where in my particular computer shows a picture of the Seattle Space Needle and shows the date and time. I’m instantly thirsty for Starbucks upon opening my computer and haven’t yet figured out how to change this. On touch screen computers, this opening screen is navigated away by swiping up but a standard laptop proceeds by clicking any key.

Live Titles Page Windows 8?

In lieu of the standard desktop, Windows has a page called live tiles. This screen updates in real time when the computer is connected to the Internet. Sports scores, breaking news, weather updates and stock market news are among the active live tiles. This particular screen was called the Metro screen and Microsoft wants this to be your start point of the future but apparently they had some naming regrets and soon changed it to ‘Modern UI.’

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One thought on “Mastering Windows 8 Basics

  1. Control panel is under personalize. Desktop is in the start panel. The two upper corners (left & right) are your “short cut prortals” as I like to call them. Left corner will show you what apps are running. Right corner will show you the start/settings for your computer.

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