Is Windows 8 Just Another Vista?

by Jim Hillier for Daves Computer Tips

Is Windows 8 Just Another Vista?

I am on record as being a fan of Windows 8 and I reject many of the criticisms aimed at the new operating system as downright misinformation. It would appear however, that I am a member of an underwhelming minority. It’s no secret that adoption rates for Windows 8 have been slow, very slow. To verify that common perception, one need look no further than the current breakdown of desktop operating system market share as provided by the well respected Windows Operating System market share February 28th 2013:

Windows 7 44.55%
Windows XP 38.99%
Windows Vista 5.17%
Windows 8 2.67%

PC Pitstop Windows Operating System Market Share Research (February 2013):

Kinda rams it home, does it not?

As the late and great Julius Sumner Miller would say… ”Why is it so?”. It’s difficult to define exactly why users have not taken to Windows 8 en masse; all the negative talk from certain so called ‘experts’ hasn’t helped, but I don’t believe that would constitute a major deterrent. The old ‘devil you know’ syndrome would also likely be a contributing factor but again, on a somewhat minor scale. Here’s what I think; vast numbers of users are working on the “if it ain’t broke, it don’t need fixing” credo. To a certain extent, Microsoft has shot itself in the foot by making Windows 7 just too darn good! I believe we are witnessing the emergence of a Windows 7 loyalty brigade, in much the same way as diehard XP users are determined to hang on to that old and venerable operating system until it is finally rendered virtually unusable due to lack of support from essential software.

While I am generally a proponent of ‘leaving well enough alone’, there can sometimes be a problem with that approach… it doesn’t always make allowances for progress. Whether we like it or not; mobile devices, cloud computing, and all aspects of this burgeoning technology are undeniably the way of the future. We are heading inexorably toward a take anywhere/access anytime computing paradigm. If one needs further proof of the massive shift in emphasis, one need look no further than the resources Mozilla has invested in its ‘Boot to Gecko’ mobile operating system. Or indeed, the fact that Canonical (developer of the Ubuntu Linux distro) has been, and still is, working hard on Ubuntu for mobile devices; tablets, smartphones and Android.

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17 thoughts on “Is Windows 8 Just Another Vista?

  1. I went from Windows Vista on a 4 year old Dell with bootup and logging onto the Internet in 20 minutes to Windows 8 on the same PC with bootup and logging onto the Internet in 90 seconds! I am a huge fan of the OS.

  2. For me, it's about MONEY! I can't afford to buy a new OS every few months, especially when my machines are working fine with they have.

  3. I installed it on two regular laptops. One was a 5 year old HP with Vista. The system performs much better than it ever did. Slow boot times that existed from the time I first purchased the machine disappeared without any tweaking of services. Have all of my old apps running on it. The other laptop was a year old with Win 7. Somewhat better performance but the so called start screen usually disappears once I hit the Outlook link and go to the desktop. The start screen makes things a little clunky but in another way it really isn't that much different than hitting the Win 7 start button and searching through the apps there.


  4. I installed Wait on two of my 6 machines. It's OK, but not user-friendly at all. Whatever speed is gained is counteracted by the loss of time trying to figure out how to maneuver around the uninspired, childish interface. It's a heroic effort, but the team that designed it may be looking for a job in another year.

  5. If you don't have a touch screen IMO, Win 8 is not what it's cracked up to be. I just bought a Win 8 machine and wish I never did. Win 7 was easy to get accustomed to, but not Win 8. Hate Win 8.

  6. Win8 is good for the PC repair business, take it off and install win7…

    Tis funny to see more win7 computers show up in retail outlets. Win 8 has already become worse than Vista, new computer buyers are opting for win7, or putting off a purchase.

    Apple and Linux users group are seeing more inquires and larger meetings.

    The coming rental/subscription is being talked about, but computer users are nervous about keeping a system running they already know. Some will not even try to learn a few things about win8, they have closed their eyes on the system.

    Other’s are furious it will not easily dual boot after unpacking. There are computer users that have gone postal about Secure Boot blocking other operating systems.

    I try to listen without comment, I am happy this controversy is putting more groceries on my table.

    For my personal computer needs, I find a chrome book does everything I need on the web, and they are easily dual booted.


  7. I can not load printer functions or get web sites to work. If there is affix it needs to be available to everyone, The help website wants money to fix a problem they sold me,

  8. My database don’t run in Windows 8 (or 7). Not even an error message appears. Musicmatch Jukebox remains the best music database and Win 7/8 it’s no compatible with this software. Viruses act without administrator permissions on Windows 7, but I’m still locked continuously. Does Windows 8 itself warns that a virus tries something?

  9. I have windows 8 on 2 of my machines and love it the only annoying thing is that if you upgrade and leave your antivirus on it stops some of the apps working
    But a great system

  10. Five minutes after my new Dell warranty expires, I will remove Win 8 and install Win 7. Waaaaaay too many annoying problems with Win 8.

  11. Rather than mess with WIN 8 and learn that system I finally decided to bite the bullet and give LINUX UBUNTU a ride. The most difficult thing is getting it downloaded but once up and running it’s pretty neat. A different philosophy and you will still need a WIN OS for certain apps (taxes, for example). But, you can avoid 99% of the virus hassles (yes!) and it is just fine for daily surfing. Actually fun to learn. Gotta have some general IT background, I’d say but not at the professional level. Do a dual boot, WIN7/UBUNTU – best of both worlds.

  12. Over my 47yrs IT XP I have continuously used MS systems for my personal computing and have enjoyed the vast majority.With the initial price of Win8 being so low I bought 2 and tested 1 on 1 of my Desktops.Quickly decided I did not need the ‘tablet’ style interface so went back to selecting the Desktop upon loading the system.
    It is instantly the same as Win7 (almost) and with a couple of tweeks Win8 runs quickly and performs everything well.
    I am at a loss as to why people bemoan it.

    • @Ellis Alden:
      You answered your own question. Why, if it’s instantly almost identical to Windows 7, would anyone care to upgrade to Windows 8?
      I use the every other OS system for Microsoft, and Windows 8 is the one I’ll gladly skip. If one was to buy a new system, they wouldn’t have a choice as Windows 8 will be on it. Ironically, if this practice didn’t force users to use the latest OS, the sales for Windows 8 would be non-existent.

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