Are You Still Using Dial Up?

Are You Still Using Dial Up?

By Terry Stockdale for

If you’re still using dialup Internet access for use from home, you should start thinking about “broadband”.

What’s broadband? That’s the term for getting your Internet access via a cable or DSL connection, or even a fiber-optic connection, if that’s available to you.

During the roll-out stage of cable and DSL Internet access, there weren’t too many choices. If only one was available in your neighborhood, that’s the one you could get.

For some of us, that’s still the case. Although I live in a relatively large city (Baton Rouge), my area of Baton Rouge does not have DSL access available. The phone company’s equipment servicing my subdivision is not compatible with DSL. Unfortunately, just a few years before the DSL rollout started, the latest-and-greatest phone switching equipment was released — and it turned out to be incompatible with DSL.

In today’s broadband world, most cable and most DSL providers have 2 to 4 service options. Basically, they’ve got a cheap option that is a lot faster that dialup, but still throttled significantly.

Then, a couple higher-priced options with higher downstream and upstream speeds, and then the highest priced option. They also vary the additional features, such as the number of email addresses and the size of the mailboxes.

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3 thoughts on “Are You Still Using Dial Up?”

  1. Will I do'nt know where you live but where I'm at you cant get any fast internet because its not out here. cable is just out of reach and no dsl any where close.So if you can make them come to me I will get broadband or dsl. Not all of us live in or close to a city where you can get fast internet.

  2. You forget that At&T has people who live in the country set to dial-up. AT&T will not change the dial-up for these people but tells them ever year they are going too. Sorry but there are other places as well phone companies do this very same thing too.These people would change tomorrow but phone companies are stopping them.

  3. Oh, yeah! I remember the dial-up days and AOL was the thing. A few years later I read about Starband somewhere on the net. I finally went with them for a year & a half or so. It was really a one arm DSL. OK downloads and barely better then dial-up uploads. Very expensive. I think I was paying $75/month. Finally, SBC Global (AT&T now) came in and what a difference. I had their fastest package for many years. Loved em. Always on, never a problem. Now, it’s NTS fiber optics with 20 mb/sec download speeds. Had a few issues at first, but they’re rocking and rolling now. For $10/month more, I can get 40 mb/sec download speeds. Well…maybe one of these days. If the rumors pan out and Intel starts up their own online cable company and do away with required packages like the old C-Band satellite dishes had. You could order any channel you wanted. If you wanted just 1, that’s fine. Pay 1 fee spanning the entire year. I did it several times.

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